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Bedtime is a short of Tom and Jerry. It is only Viewable on YouTube.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with a hand Turning off and on a Light switch while Tom and Butch try to sleep, but then after a few Off and ons, Tom gets angry and Throws his Toy robot at the hand, causing it to collapse. then Tom sleeps. Then the screen goes to a Injured cursor covered in Bandages. Then the doctor comes and says that the Toy Robot Fractured most of his body. Then ends with him leaving the scene and the Camrea zooming out.

Transcript Edit

Hand: (turns on and off light) Nah nah nah nah nah!

Tom: (After 5 Ons and off) GRRR... (Throws toy Robot)

Hand: Nah na- (Gets hit by toy)

(Scene Changes)

Doctor: Mr. Cursor, I'm afraid that toy robot Fractured most of your body, so you will have to stay here for 5 weeks. (Leaves Scene)

Trivia Edit

  • The episode is a Parody of the talking Tom episode Lights out.
  • This is the First 3D animated Tom and Jerry Short.
  • A Game Cartridge of Sonic heroes can be seen on the shelfs in Tom and butch's Bedroom.
  • Tom sounds a bit Slightly not like himself, due to his Voice actor getting older.
  • The original ending was supposed to show The cursor Getting up and Leaving the stage.

Errors Edit

  • When Tom throws his toy robot at the cursor, his Arms detach for 3 seconds.
  • Near the end, Before the doctor enters the Cursor's room, There is no Curtain, however, when the Doctor enters, there is a Curtain.
  • Whn the light is on, Butch's Blanket is yellow, but when the lights are off, it's white.
  • After Tom hits the cursor, The toy robot he threw Appears again.

Cultral Refrences Edit

  • The floor of Tom and Butch's Bedroom looks similar to the Red room floor from Twin peaks.