Captain Kiddie is the owner of a small amusement park near a river. Although he boasts about a successful career, it is hinted several times that he is rather unpopular and his performances have ended in failure. He finds Robyn stranded on a beach and takes her in, but betrays her to Pristine Figg upon discovering a one million dollar bounty on her head. When Robyn flees with Tom and Jerry, Kiddie gives chase in his inflatable speedboat, but Dr. Applecheek falls off a broken bridge while riding a stolen moped and lands directly on him. The blast sends Kiddie into the air and he holds onto the bottom of the bridge to keep from falling in the river. Although he is not entirely malevolent, since he genuinely believed Figg loved Robyn, he can be considered a minor antagonist. Voiced by Rip Taylor.

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