These are achievments that you can get on the Xbox and PS3 versions.

  • The Gang's All Here: Unlock all playable characters.
  • We're Numbuh 1!: Unlock Numbuh 1.
  • I'm Not You're Boyfriend!: Get a higher rank than Panini in a single race as Chowder (if she is in the race).
  • That Cat-and-Mouse Game: Get in the top three in a single race as Tom and Jerry for the first time.
  • The Battle of Mt. Pimplenoose: Play as Scoutmaster Lumpus on Mt. Pimplenoose Raceway.
  • Good Copy, Bad Copy: Unlock Albedo.
  • The New Reaper: Get and use the Scythe 2.0 item for the first time.
  • Rocket Science: Get and use the Rocket Engine item for the first time as Dexter.
  • Frightful Night: Unlock Courage.
  • True Anodite: Get first place in a cup on hard as Gwen.
  • Battle Champion: Win five battles in a row.
  • A Great Ed-Vantage: Have Eddy and Rolf unlocked into you're roster.
  • Powerpuff Girls Rule!: Get first place in a cup on normal or higher as Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup.
  • Item Master: Get and use every item once.
  • The Ultimate CN Fan: Unlock everything.
  • Slider: Perform 30 powerslides in one race.
  • Indigestion: Place first on the Intestinal Ruins stage.
  • Osmosian Plumber: Download Kevin.
  • 'Scooby-Dooby-Doo!: Download Shaggy and Scooby.
  • One for the Ladies: Win a race as Johnny Bravo.
  • Boys are Epic!: Play as all male characters at least once.
  • Girls Night Out: Play as all female characters at least once.
  • Scout's Honor: Win five battles using Lazlo.

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