Dr. Sweetface J. Applecheeks is a so-called "sweet" man who adores many pets and has contributed to many animal rights. However, he is in reality a cruel, heartless man who secretly specialises in abducting pets (with help from his thugs disguised as straycatchers) and imprisoning them and holding them ransom for their owners to pay him large sums of money. However, his schemes finally backfire when Pristine Figg brings him Tom and Jerry and they lead an escape. Applecheek loses most of his money as a result of the damage and seeks to regain his fortune by finding Robyn first and earning the one million dollar bounty (which he does not know is fake). In the ensuing chase, he steals an ice cream moped but falls off a damaged bridge and lands directly on Captain Kiddie in the river, ending up trapped in the ice cream box and stranded in the river.

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