Fight with an Eagle is the first segment of episode four in Tom and Jerry Works, airing on Cartoon Network in August 13, 1999, and on The WB in May 1, 1999.

Synopsis Edit

Tom has somehow caught Jerry and is about to eat him when the eagle from 1945's Flirty Birdy snatches the mouse for prey. Tom goes over to the eagle and challenges him to a fight, which the bird accepts. At the end of the fight, the winner will have Jerry for lunch. Who will win? Tom, or the eagle?

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Trivia Edit

  • The cartoon is a partial remake of the 1945 cartoon, Flirty Birdy, but with a few differences.
    • 1. Tom does not disguise as a female bird.
    • 2. The eagle makes actual eagle sounds made by Frank Welker.
    • 3. Tom catches Jerry by simply pouncing on him.