Football Fail is the third segment of episode four in Tom and Jerry Works, airing on Cartoon Network in August 13, 1999, and on The WB in May 1, 1999.

Plot Edit

The Super Bowl is nearing, but Tom sets up a dysfunctional football team composed of his cat fri friends, Butch, Lightning, Meathead and Topsy. His rival and his mice team, however,he has a better football team that stays alert . In the end, Tom's team cats loses in match and Jerry and his mice team win in this match.In the end Mice team Jerry win Super Bowl.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

    • The members on Tom's football team are:
    • Butch (quarterback)
    • Lightning (guard vorot)
    • Topsy (kickoff returner)
    • Meathead ( guard vorot)
  • The scene where Butch throws his kick too early when he tries to kick the football and falls is similar to the Peanuts character, Charlie Brown.
  • Spike appears in this episode as a referee.* Toodles appears in this episode as fan.