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Garden Cat is the 12th episode of Tom and Jerry Fanon Series.

Characters Edit

  • Tom
  • Jerry

Plot Edit

The Episode Begins With Tom Raking The Leaves Until Jerry Comes. Tom Makes a Trap Which Unfortunetly Jerry Survives, The Scene Switches To Tom Figuring Out Something That Will Keep Jerry Away From Him, He Uses a FIRE EXIT Sign To Lead Jerry To The Lake, When Jerry Sees Fire. He Heads To The Lake And Goes Away Forever.

The Next Day....

When Tom Wakes Up, His Breakfast Is Made But Jerry Appears and Eats his Breakfast. this Appears To Be the Final Straw; Tom Gets Rage in His Eyes Realizing That Jerry Pushed Tom Too Far. he Runs Into The Shed And Runs Into Tom, Tom Turns Off The Lights. Punching His Enemy and Putting Him In The Face And Jerry Knocks Into The Tree.

Trivia Edit

  • Jerry's Scream Is Acually Just a Reversed, Sped up and High-Pitched Version Of The First Line in Da Vinci Code.