Idea 1: Spike's ApologyEdit

  • (Spike beated up Tom)
  • Tom: (Screams)
  • Spike: Tom? Sorry, I attacked, scratched and bit you up.
  • Tom: Don't worry abut it.
  • Spike: So, what were you doing?
  • Tom: Me and Jerry are gonna rescue the baby.
  • Spike: Okay.

Idea 2: Tom Chops Jeannie's Head OffEdit

  • Jeannie: Gasp oh that's right I saw him in a drive in swell show kid huh?
  • (Tom chops Jeannie's head off)
  • Jeannie's Head: Well look at that girl, running around like a teenage girl with her head... wait a minute.

Idea 3: Citadel of Toms and Jerrys to the RescueEdit

  • Jeannie: I just turn my back for one teensy minute, and she's oh and the baby was gone! Oh please officer you must get that baby back you-- There's the baby!
  • (Tom and Jerry arrive holding the baby and Jeannie grabs the baby. Tom and Jerry try to escape but the Police Officer grab them)
  • Police Officer: Gotcha, ya babynappers.
  • (Tom Soldiers and Jerry Soldiers come into the George and Joan's house through a portal)
  • Tom Soldier: We detected you. We have for you to join the citadel. Who are they?
  • Tom: That's Jeannie. She's a teenage girl.
  • Jeannie: Hello there.
  • Jerry: And that's the police officer.
  • Tom: They are here to arrest us and who knows what else!
  • Tom Soldier: Okay well we can't have that can we?
  • Jeannie: Wait, what?
  • (Tom Soldiers and Jerry Soldiers cocks a shotguns, Tom Soldiers and Jerry Soldierse blows Police Officer and Jeannie's brains out and blows up the Police Dept. Car.)
  • (Tom Soldiers and Jerry Soldiers take Tom and Jerry through the portal and all exit)


  • Tom and Jerry are joining the Citadel of Toms and Jerrys.