Tom and Jerry in: Kicked Out

Directed by

Phil Roman

Produced by

Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone


Bill Farmer

Nancy Cartwright

June Foray

Music by

Stephen James Taylor


Warner Bros. Animation

Toon City

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

Release date

August 1, 1999

Running time

5 minutes

Kicked Out is a 1999 animated short film starring Tom and Jerry. It was released to theaters on August 1, 1999. It was later re-aired as the first segment of episode one in television show Tom and Jerry Works.

Plot Edit

Jerry vandalizes the entire house via a marker and makes Tom look like the guilty one by handing him the marker. This causes the cat to get kicked out by Mammy. Jerry now has the whole house to himself but realizes his mistake in getting Tom in trouble and flashbacks to the great times he had with Tom.

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