The Laff-A-Lympics is an Olympic sporting event held in different locations around the world. The competitors do not represent countries, but form three teams based on common friendships and goals. Many are talking animals.





  • First place in any event is worth 25 points, second place 15, and third place 10. It is also possible to score zero points by failing to complete the objective of a challenge (e.g. in a race to capture the most tigers, the teams that got no tigers got no points).
  • There are normally two locations per competition round. Highest team total after the events in these two locations wins.
  • Cheating can cause a team to be disqualified from an event, or to have points deducted, apparently at the whim of the judges.
  • Using innate abilities is not cheating. In an Acapulco cliff diving event, Dynomutt lowered himself to the ground using his extensible legs, and this was allowed.

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