This is a list of episodes from Season 1 of the fanon series of Tom and Jerry. 14 out of the 40 episodes in this season won an Oscar, making this season extremely successful. It began with Jerry's Revenge and ended with Tall in the Trap 2. This season has three specials, Midnight Madness, Smelly Cat and New Dog and one TV movie called Cat Got Your Tongue?. A crossover episode special, Tom and Jerry's Birthday Party. This series was brilliantly recieved by critics because of the humour and the huge step from Tom and Jerry Tales.


  1. Jerry's Revenge
  2. Tom and Jerry meet Scooby-Doo
  3. Quacker in a Pond
  4. Midnight Madness
  5. A Uphill Battle
  6. Scooby-Doo meets Tom and Jerry
  7. The Diamond Caper
  8. The Photo Finish
  9. New Dog
  10. Milk Barrows
  11. Beep
  12. Garden Cat
  13. Tom & Daffy
  14. Tom's Revenge
  15. Tom and Jerry's Summer Party
  16. Jurassic Mouse
  17. Tom and Jerry's Dance Party
  18. Punk Rocker Mouse
  19. Tom and Jerry's Adventures in Candyland
  20. Mice Follies
  21. Smelly Cat
  22. Jerry's Revenge
  23. Tarzan Jerry of the Jungle
  24. Cowboy Jerry in Wild West
  25. Tom and Jerry's A Uphill Battle
  26. Cat and Mouse in Hollywood Movie Acting Studios
  27. Tom and Jerry's Halloween Party (1)
  28. Tom and Jerry's Halloween Party (2)
  29. Tom and Jerry's Lemonade Stand
  30. Tom and Jerry's Christmas
  31. Cat Got Your Tongue? (1)
  32. Cat Got Your Tongue? (2)
  33. Jerry Hood and his Merry Mices
  34. A Tom and Jerry Valentine's Day
  35. Bugs & Jerry
  36. Tom and Jerry's Birthday Party (1)
  37. Tom and Jerry's Birthday Party (2)
  38. Tom and Jerry's Birthday Party (3)
  39. Tall in the Trap 2