Meathead with Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse

Meathead is a brown, mangy, generally dull-witted cat who first appeared in the 1943 short, Sufferin' Cats!, as Tom's rival. Meathead later reappeared in Baby Puss (in which he serves as the thirshonary & minor archenemy/a recurring villain) and additional shorts as one of Tom's alley cat buddies/foes. Fans have occasionally confused Meathead with Lightning, though the two are not the same and have appeared side-by-side in two cartoons.


Meathead appears in Tom and Jerry.he is an enemy of tom he also part of butch topsy lightning gang. He also appears in 1999's Tom and Jerry Works where he voiced by Joe Alaskey.Joe Alaskey also voiced Meathead in Tom and Jerry: Pokemon Show.There he works refetee in cente Pokemon with friends Butch, Topsy and Lightning.


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