• Mumbly (caption)
  • Dead Baron (co-caption)
  • Mr. Creepley
  • Mrs. creepley
  • Junior creepley
  • Orful octopus
  • Daisy mayhem
  • Sooey pig
  • Great Fondoo
  • Magic Rabbit
  • Dirty Dalton
  • Dinky Dalton
  • Dastardly Dalton
  • Mr.Hyde/Willie the weasol
  • Snitch the dog
  • lowbrow
  • Swamp Rat
  • Mudmouth
  • Rotten Rhymer
  • Smelly Dane (made-up character)
  • Ink-o Bill (made up character)
  • Slime-Girl (Made Up Character)
  • One-Eye Snake (made up character)
  • Dick Dasterdly
  • Muttly

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