Spike Bulldog


"She turned and disowned on me, she never wanted to see me again for some man she meets and start dating! His name is Tony Smith."

Spike Bulldog is a grey bulldog that appears in many episodes of Tom and Jerry. He is a friend of Jerry and a rival of Tom.

He hates Tom because in the episodes that Spike appears, fights Tom is chasing Jerry around but ends up giving Spike or his son, Tyke, a bad day. Obviously, whenever Spike tells Tom not to do a certain thing (ex. dirtying Tyke), Jerry does his best to get fights Tom in trouble (in the example, Jerry would get Tyke as dirty as possible). Tom Cat's son is his foe and hero. Spike also appeared in some of the recent cartoons featuring a basset hound called Droopy, another popular MGM cartoon character He also in Tom and Jerry Tales he appared in most episodes in catfish follies he is a dogfish and also in zent out of shape where he is similar to godzilla. He beats Jerry occasionally. Spike probably finally notices it was Jerry who was really responsible for bothering his son, stealing his bones, getting disturbed and getting injured which Jerry really caused on him.


Spike appears in Tom and Jerry.In Tom and Jerry Works he voiced by Jim Cummings keeping Frank Welker. Spike also appears in Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring, Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars ,Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry and Tom and Jerry Shiver me Whickers.

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