The Cat & Mouse Detectives (2017 TV Series) is an American/Canadian animated television series which is a spin off to The Tom & Jerry Show (2014 TV Series) Cat & Mouse Detectives Shorts. It premiered on Cartoon Network in 1st January, 2017. It is yet to be premiered on Teletoon.

Plot Edit

The first shorts featured Tom & Jerry as detectives. The second one featured Droopy & Dripple's adventures. The third one featured another Tom & Jerry short.

Characters Edit

  • Tom Cat - Tom is the protagonist of The Cat & Mouse Detectives. Most episodes focused on him.
  • Jerry Mouse - The mischievous, yet clever, Jerry is the deutergonist of The Cat & Mouse Detectives.
  • Spike Bulldog - Spike lives in an apartment along with his son, Tyke.
  • Tyke - Tyke is somewhat, causes troubles for everyone and misunderstandings for dad, Spike. This sometimes has made him a recurring anti - hero.
  • The Detective - The Detective is Tom's owner and isn't aware of his detective work.
  • Butch Cat - Butch is the main antagonist of The Cat & Mouse Detectives.
  • The Squirrel - Butch's sidekick.
  • Toodles - Tom's former girlfriend and major thief. She is the secondary antagonist of the show.
  • Droopy - Droopy is the tritagonist of the show.
  • Dripple
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Barney Bear
  • Dr.. Bigby
  • Narrator
  • Napoleon
  • Hamster
  • Newt
  • Hildie
  • Beatie
  • Misty

Movies Edit

  • The Cat & Mouse Detectives Movie - An upcoming movie about a curse of werewolf that Tom & Jerry had to solve. The main antagonist is a mad scientist named Dr. Professor who has teamed up with Butch, Squirrel & Toodles. Later, it was known the scientist was actually Tyke in a robot suit.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. The Return of Toodles, the Thief - Toodles returned to trick Tom & Jerry again. / I Am the Best! - The Wolf thinks he is better than Droopy. /Trouble's a Puppy! - Tyke causes trouble for everyone and goes to jail. Tom, Jerry & Spike freed him and he started causing trouble again.