Tom and Jerry Adventures (also known as The Tom and Jerry Adventures) is an American animated television series based on the animated characters Tom and Jerry, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and serves as a extended remake to Tom and Jerry Tales co-produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Turner Entertainment Co., starring the cat-and-mouse duo Tom and Jerry as 1930s characters (cat and mouse). The show premiered in 2018 and continued airing until 2021. It began airing as the third program of the WB's children's block, KidsWB on August 18, 2018

Cat-and-mouse duo Tom and Jerry have been entertaining viewers with cartoon violence for decades. In this series that originally aired in August 2018, 1930s versions of the animals are featured with Tom, as in the classic cartoons, trying to catch naughty mouse Jerry. Since it is geared more to kids than adults, the violence level is toned down a bit compared to the original series. Episodes also include shorts featuring other characters, including Droopy, Dripple, McWolf, Spike and Tyke and more.

Voice Cast Edit

  • Frank Welker as Tom Cat, Tyke, McWolf, Wild Mouse
  • Samuel Vincent as Jerry Mouse,Kid
  • Maurice Lamarche as Spike, Butch
  • Kath Soucie as Nibbles, Babysitter
  • Nicole Oliver as Mrs.Two Shoes
  • Jeff Bergman as Droopy
  • Charlie Adler as Dripple, Crazylegs, Screwy Squirrel
  • William Callaway as Slowpoke Antonio
  • Patrick Fraley as Kyle The Cat, The Yolker
  • Teresa Ganzel as Miss Vavoom
  • Phil Hartman as Calaboose Cal
  • Billy West as Muscles
  • Brian Cummings as Clyde Cat
  • Scott McNeil as Uncle Pecos
  • Grey DeLisle as Toodles
  • Michael Donavon as Topsy
  • Tony Anselmo as Little Quacker
  • Jeff Bennett as Lightning The Cat


Characters Edit

  • Tom Cat
  • Jerry Mouse
  • Droopy
  • Dripple
  • Spike
  • Butch
  • Nibbles
  • Mrs. Two Shoes
  • Toodles Galore
  • Tyke
  • Topsy
  • Lightning Cat
  • Clyde
  • Kyle The Cat
  • Calaboose Cal
  • McWolf
  • Uncle Pecos
  • Wild Mouse
  • Miss Vavoom
  • Slowpoke Antonio
  • Little Quacker
  • Muscles Mouse
  • Screwy Squirrel




Episodes Edit

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired Home media release dates (Region 1)
First aired Last aired
1 13 August 18, 2018 May 4, 2019 October 2, 2018 (Volume 1)

May 14, 2019 (Volume 2) December 3, 2019 (Volume 3) April 12, 2023 (Full season release)

2 13 August 17, 2019 March 21, 2020 March 10, 2020 (Volume 4)

August 11, 2020 (Volume 5) February 2, 2021 (Volume 6)

Season 1 (2018–2019) Edit



No. in


Title Directed by Written by Storyboard by Original air date Prod.


1a 1a "The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off" Neal Sternecky Charles Schneider Kevin Frank August 18, 2018 110a
Jerry is relaxing in a beach chair reading a book. Jerry has actually incorporated a radar system, a chair, a pool, and a tree. Jerry's radar twitches and detects Tom approaching his mousehole. Jerry presses a red button next to the radio which folds the entire patio into the floor and he goes in his mousehole
1b 1b "Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?" Neal Sternecky Eric Donald and Jim Gomez Dave Bennett August 18, 2018 110b
Jerry mixes and drinks a potion as the title card and credits are shown. After Jerry drinks the potion, he discovers that it gives him the ability to run (and eat) at blinding speed; he tests this out by eating Tom's canister of sardines, along with the last bit of gravy and bits of his skin. Afterwards, Tom initially comes under the assumption that a ghost was eating his food, but concludes that it's a bug equipped with a jetpack and chattery teeth.
1c 1c "Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life" Neal Sternecky Richard Pursel Bob Foster August 18, 2018 110c
This episode begins with Tom having caught Jerry in a log cabin, and trying to eat him. Before doing so, he pours salt and pepper on Jerry, who sneezes himself away from the plate due to the pepper. While looking for Jerry, Tom notices the mouse in the cuckoo clock. Tom turns the clock's hands up to 5:00 and he waves to Jerry. He does it a second time and turns it up to 4:00. Tom licks the mouse but the third time when he turns it up to 3:00, instead of Jerry, a bomb pops out.
2a 2a "Mouse Cleaning" Douglas McCarthy Charles Schneider James Lopez August 25, 2018 109a
While chasing Jerry in the garden, Tom runs through a mud puddle and then into the house, leaving the kitchen floor covered in mud right after Mammy Two Shoes has finished cleaning. As punishment, Mammy makes Tom clean the floor and orders him to keep the house clean, before leaving to go shopping. Once she is gone, Jerry, wanting to sabotage Tom, begins making a mess around the house by, among other things, emptying the ashtray onto the floor, juggling food and pushing an ink stamp pad onto Tom's paws while he takes a nap, causing the cat to leave a long trail of paw prints in the living room. Tom throws Jerry down the laundry chute into the basement and quickly cleans the room.
2b 2b "Polka-Dot Puss" Douglas McCarthy Richard Pursel Charles Visser August 25, 2018 109b
Tom is using Jerry as a yo-yo. Tom then hears Mammy-Two-Shoes telling him that it is time to put him out for the night. Noticing that the weather outside is rather unpleasant, and hearing Mammy say that if she stood in the draft she'd "catch her death of cold", Tom craftily fakes a cold, pretending to sneeze violently. Mammy asks if Tom has a cold.
2c 2c "The Cat and the Mermouse" Douglas McCarthy Robert Ramirez Norma Rivera Klingler August 25, 2018 109c
Tom's relaxation at the beach is interrupted by Jerry who inadvertently walks over the sunbathing Tom going fishing. Jerry goes out to the pier and casts his favorite bait: cheese. Tom pulls on the line and makes Jerry reel him in. Jerry lets go of the line and Tom struggles to stay afloat, losing the string. Tom barely catches the pier, but Jerry swings the pole at him.
3a 3a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse" Tim Maltby Eric Donald and Jim Gomez Jennifer Coyle September 8, 2018 108a
After the milkman delivers two milk bottles, Tom eagerly snatches one and pours it out to drink, but is met by Jerry, who also wants the milk. Tom tries three times to lock Jerry in a room to keep him away from the milk, but each time, Jerry manages to keep sipping the milk. Tom then plots how to get rid of Jerry so he can drink milk in peace.
3b 3b "A Mouse in the House" Tim Maltby Eric Donald and Jim Gomez Lyndon Ruddy September 8, 2018 108b
Mammy Two Shoes stumbles upon entering the kitchen, which has been ransacked by Jerry, and berates the residents of the house, Tom and Butch. She warns them that the one who catches Jerry can stay, and the other will be kicked out. The two cats frantically search for Jerry, eventually realizing they were both unsuspectingly aided by him. They scramble to catch the mouse, but become tangled. They tiptoe across the floor until Jerry hits one of their feet (Butch) with a log.
3c 3c "The Invisible Mouse" Tim Maltby Matt Wayne Julian Chaney and James C. Smith September 8, 2018 108c
Tom lures Jerry out with cheese tied to a string before trying to drop an iron onto Jerry, but Jerry moves Tom's foot to make him drop it onto it. Tom then chases Jerry up stairs and both slide down the railing, but the mouse moves onto an alternate path while the cat crashes into the wall and a cuckoo clock falls on him.
4a 4a "Old Rockin' Chair Tom" Tim Maltby Robert Ramirez Lyndon Ruddy September 29, 2018 102a
Mammy Two Shoes is standing on a chair, which Jerry is shaking. She calls for Tom, who chases Jerry away from Mammy, but Jerry trips him. Jerry goes back to Mammy and rocks the stool up and down until Tom chases him again. Jerry opens a door and the ironing board, followed by the iron, fall on Tom's head. Tom catches Jerry trying to cut down the stool, and Jerry gives him the axe. Mammy urges Tom to hit Jerry, but misses and eventually he chops down the stool. Tom supports Mammy on his head, until he loses his balance. Jerry opens the door of the basement stairway. Tom goes through the doorway, with Mammy still on him, and crashes down into the basement.
4b 4b "The Truce Hurts" Tim Maltby Charles Schneider Jennifer Coyle September 29, 2018 102b
Jerry is chased off the house by Tom and Spike. The mouse gets a pipe, the cat gets a frying pan and the dog gets a baseball bat. They start to fight about, but Spike all of a sudden stops it. He questions, "What's all this fighting getting in us, huh? Cats can get along dogs, can't they? And mice can get along with cats, can't they?" The three characters become friends in future, they sign a peace treaty in the house.
4c 4c "Tennis Chumps" Tim Maltby Story by: Charles Schneider

Teleplay by: Richard Pursel

Dan Kubat September 29, 2018 102c
Tom emerges from a locker room at a tennis court, but Butch emerges from the locker next door, slamming his door into Tom. After that, Tom appears in form of an Egyptian hierogliphic. Jerry then emerges, but Tom forces him to carry his tennis equipment. Tom then launches Jerry against a locker room wall and into a drinking fountain, much to Jerry's annoyance.
5a 5a "Little Quacker" Tim Maltby Charles Schneider Julian Chaney October 8, 2018 111a
On the farm, a mama duck goes out for a swim, leaving behind an egg in her nest. But Tom craftily reaches into the nest and takes the egg for cooking. He rushes back to his kitchen and places a frying pan over the hob. However, when Tom breaks the egg open, instead of getting the albumen and yolk, the only thing he gets is a duckling, Quacker. Not to be put off, Tom decides he will cook a roasted duck instead. But to do so, he acquires Quacker's "cooperation."
5b 5b "Saturday Evening Puss" Tim Maltby Charles Schneider Jennifer Coyle October 6, 2018 111b
Mammy leaves for her Saturday night bridge club. Tom then rushes to the window and signals to his three alley cat friends, Butch, Topsy, and Lightning that it's "ok for the party". They arrive and play loud jazz music. The noise disturbs Jerry, who is trying to go to sleep. He complains to Tom, who ignores him. Jerry tries to disrupt the party by tearing the needle off the phonograph, shutting Topsy in a drawer and slamming the piano lid shut on Butch's hands. The cats chase Jerry back into his mouse hole and resume their party.
5c 5c "Texas Tom" Tim Maltby Richard Pursel and Matt Wayne Lyndon Ruddy October 6, 2018 111c
The scene opens with a fragment of the song "I Tipped My Hat (and Slowly Rode Away)". Tom, at a Texas ranch, lifts a flower pot to reveal a cowering Jerry. Jerry flees, but Tom casually catches him with his lasso, with Jerry getting impaled by a spur and a cactus. Jerry whacks Tom with a cactus leaf to escape. Tom grabs the lasso, but crashes into a post. Tom catches the mouse again and pulls out a revolver, but Jerry blows the bullets into Tom's mouth, kicks the gun out of Tom's hand and hits him in the back of the head, causing the bullets to detonate. Tom goes to exact revenge, but an attractive cowgirl cat is dropped off at a saloon, and Tom instantly falls in love with her. Tom gets dressed and tries to impress the cowgirl, rolling tobacco onto a piece of paper and using Jerry's tongue to close it, Tom smokes it to spell "Howdy".
6a 6a "Jerry and the Lion" Neal Sternecky Tom Minton Kevin Frank November 10, 2018 104a
Tom is listening to music on the radio, but hears a crash from the kitchen, where he sees Jerry stealing food from the fridge. When Tom tries to stop Jerry, Jerry squeezes a tomato into Tom's face. Jerry runs toward his mousehole; but when Tom closes the door, the mouse sneaks through his own mousehole door, and squeezes another tomato into the cat's face. When Tom returns to his chair and radio, a news bulletin then comes and announces that a ferocious runaway lion has escaped from the circus, warning everyone to close their windows and doors.
6b 6b "Safety Second" Neal Sternecky Matt Wayne Dave Bennett November 10, 2018 104b
The cartoon short opens with Jerry and Nibbles asleep in their beds. Jerry looks at his calendar and seeing it's the 4th of July, he wakes up Nibbles. He instantly brings out firecrackers, but Jerry puts them back into the shed. The mouse gives his calendar a look again and sees his daily quotation: "Make it safe and sane", which Jerry interprets as meaning that fireworks aren't allowed this year.
6c 6c "Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl" Neal Sternecky Robert Ramirez Ken Boyer November 10, 2018 104c
Tom walks onto the stage, ready to conduct a cat orchestra to the overture to "Die Fledermaus." Jerry emerges from his mouse hole and rushes to the podium to try to take over from Tom. Tom tries to whack Jerry with his baton, but Jerry continues to conduct the music from Tom's baton. Tom then stuffs Jerry into his suit, but Jerry pops out from Tom's sleeves. After Jerry pops out of Tom's dickie, Tom stretches Jerry on his baton and catapults him onto a harp. Jerry then offers to dance the Du und du with Tom. After they dance together, Jerry sends Tom spinning into a cello, where he is "strung" by the cello player. Tom then gets his revenge and tricks Jerry into dancing with him before walloping Jerry and hurling him into a sousaphone, where he is "squirted" by the sousaphone player.
7a 7a "Cue Ball Cat" Douglas McCarthy Story by: Earl Kress and Richard Pursel

Teleplay by: Earl Kress

David M. Stephan February 2, 2019 103a
Tom is playing pool in a billiard hall, pocketing (potting) two object balls by physically moving the table and a side pocket (cheating). Tom then wakes up Jerry (asleep inside the table, under a pocket opening) by pocketing the 10 ball, which rolls Jerry to the ball-return before the 10 and 13 balls squash Jerry between them. Jerry walks up through the pocket, but spots Tom perched behind it.
7b 7b "The Framed Cat" Douglas McCarthy Robert Ramirez Norma Rivera Klingler February 2, 2019 103b
Tom takes a chicken leg from the kitchen, but knocks over crockery. Just in time, Tom passes the leg onto Jerry, framing him as Mammy Two Shoes arrives. Tom then chases Jerry outside and steals the chicken back to eat it. Jerry then sees Spike cuddling with his bone and exacts revenge by quietly stealing it from him and placing it on Tom's chest. "Hey, you! Whatcha doin' with my bone?" Tom (gesturing) "Who, me?" Spike: Yeah, you!; Listen, pussy cat! If I catch you takin' my bone again, there's gonna be trouble! Understand!?" The dog angrily warns the cat to stay away from his bone. He sticks out his tongue but Spike gets infuriated again and whacks him once more, and he bites it.
7c 7c "Casanova Cat" Douglas McCarthy Story by: Joe Barberaand Matt Wayne

Teleplay by: Matt Wayne

Charles Visser February 2, 2019 103c
A newspaper headline announces that Toodles has inherited a million dollars. Tom heads to her home to woo her with flowers, dragging Jerry, tied to a bow, with him. Tom winds Jerry into a doll and forces him to roll on a ball, impressing Toodles. Tom then blackens Jerry's face with a cigar smoke and forces him to tap-dance on a hot metal plate. Tom then gives Jerry as a present to Toodles, but asks for a kiss in return. Just as Tom and Toodles are about to kiss, Jerry jams Tom's tail into an automatic ashtray, causing Tom to scream in Toodles' face.
8a 8a "Sleepy-Time Tom" Neal Sternecky Story by: Richard Pursel

Teleplay by: Eric Donald and Jim Gomez

Dave Bennett February 9, 2019 101a
Tom and his cat friends—Butch, Lightning, and Meathead—are singing loudly in the middle of the night. The cats drop Tom off at home; he yawns and stretches, now very tired from the middle of the night. He climbs up onto the window ledge, deciding to sleep there.
8b 8b "Jerry and the Goldfish" Neal Sternecky Richard Pursel Kevin Frank February 9, 2019 101b
Jerry gives a sleeping goldfish a cracker, much to the goldfish's delight, and they form a friendship, while Tom is listening to French Chef Françoise on the radio talking about fish dishes, which makes Tom hungry for fish.
8c 8c "Slicked-up Pup" Neal Sternecky Story by: Richard Pursel

Teleplay by: Charles Schneider

Ken Boyer and Kirk Hansen February 9, 2019 101c
Spike has bathed Tyke to make sure he is nice and clean, but is horrified when through the constant chases of Tom and Jerry, Tyke ends up getting dirty by falling into a mud puddle. Spike is extremely angry at Tom and scolds him that Tyke is dirty, and orders Tom to clean him up. Tom quickly rushes off with the muddy pup and returns almost instantly with Tyke cleaned up.
9a 9a "Of Feline Bondage" Douglas McCarthy Story by: Richard Pursel and Earl Kress

Teleplay by: Earl Kress

Charles Visser February 16, 2019 106a
In the opening, Jerry runs in a pool hall and enters into a can that Tom holds out. Tom starts shaking the can and laughs, then tips poor Jerry out against the wall, turning the mouse into a cube.
9b 9b "Catty-Cornered" Douglas McCarthy Meredith Jennings-Offen Norma Rivera Klingler February 16, 2019 106b
Jerry lives in the wall between two apartments, one where Tom lives and the other where Lightning lives. Lightning and Tom show that they are out to get him.
9c 9c "Tom-ic Energy" Douglas McCarthy Eric Donald and Jim Gomez David M. Stephen February 16, 2019 106c
Tom is chasing Jerry on top of a building and then through the building while during the chase two women first an older woman then a younger woman (Tress MacNeille) screaming until the duo reach a balcony. Tom pokes his head through the other window and screams at Jerry, scaring the spirit out of Jerry's body. Jerry's spirit then screams at Tom, causing him to pale and age rapidly.
10a 10a "Scat Cats" Neal Sternecky Richard Pursel Kevin Frank and Neal Sternecky February 23, 2019 107a
George and Joan are going out for the night. George tells Spike to keep an eye on the house while they are away. Butch the cat, who is also owned by George and Joan, telephones his friends Lightning, Topsy, Meathead and Kyle The Cat (who is for some reason portrayed as a gray cat instead of a brown cat with a red toupee, likely to prevent confusion between him and Lightning) to come to a party at his house.
10b 10b "One Droopy Knight" Neal Sternecky Richard Pursel Bob Foster and Neal Sternecky February 23, 2019 107b
Essentially a remake of 1949's Señor Droopy, but taking in a medieval setting rather than the country of Mexico, One Droopy Knight casts Droopy and his rival McWolf as medieval knights out to slay a dragon and win the hand of a beautiful human princess. However, the dragon considers both as nothing more than minor nuisances. Droopy though, takes more chances to slay the dragon, but it thinks Droopy is small and harmless. Meanwhile, McWolf is being foiled after being molded into a metal can.
10c 10c "Hatch Up Your Troubles" Neal Sternecky Eric Donald and Jim Gomez Dave Bennett February 23, 2019 107c
A mother woodpecker leaves her nest for lunch, but an egg in the nest jumps up and falls to the ground, rolling into Jerry's mouse hole. Jerry wakes up to find himself sitting on the egg. An adorable baby woodpecker hatches and instantly takes to Jerry as his mother, but cannot resist pecking Jerry's furniture.

Jerry returns the woodpecker to his nest, but the little bird follows Jerry back to his hole, at which Jerry orders him out. Dejected, the woodpecker wanders around the garden and comes across an unsuspecting Tom, who is sitting in a deckchair, drinking and reading a magazine. The woodpecker carelessly pecks the deckchair's leg, causing an irritated Tom to pour his drink onto the woodpecker. The woodpecker then pecks through the rest of the deckchair leg, causing the deckchair to fold up onto Tom.|-

11a 11a "Heavenly Puss" Douglas McCarthy Charles Schneider Charles Visser March 2, 2019 112a
Tom is sleeping near the fireplace, but sees Jerry sneaking past him. Jerry goes up onto the dinner table and tries to reach for the food, but Tom whacks him with a knife and Jerry retreats, running up the staircase. Tom pulls the carpet off the staircase to catch Jerry but also pulls down a large upright piano. While Jerry dodges, the piano crushes Tom to death. Tom's spirit ascends to the "Heavenly Express", a train that sends dead cats to Heaven.
11b 11b "His Mouse Friday" Douglas McCarthy Bradley Zweig Brian Mitchell and Charles Visser March 2, 2019 112b
Tom is first seen being ship-wrecked and lost at sea in a parody of Robinson Crusoe. He only has his old shoes to eat in order to survive. Tom though soon spots a distant tropical island and is catapulted there by a wave. After Tom finds it tough to eat a coconut and a tortoise he finds Jerry and decides to eat the mouse instead. Tom has Jerry on a frying pan but the rodent escapes and Tom chases him into a native village. Jerry creeps Tom out by playing tom toms and Tom gets scared.
11c 11c "Nit-Witty Kitty" Douglas McCarthy Earl Kress Norma Rivera Klingler March 2, 2019 112c
Tom is chasing Jerry around Mammy Two Shoes, while she is yelling out confusing instructions on where to chase Jerry. She has a broom ready to hit Jerry but instead she bungles things by clumsily hitting Tom on the head causing the cat to forget who he is and believing he is a mouse like Jerry, except he's rude. Tom terrorizes Two Shoes by shaking the chair, causing her to fall off it, before she quickly flees from the deranged cat. Jerry then overhears the terrified Two Shoes on the phone talking to a doctor about Tom. She hears from the Doctor that Tom is suffering from amnesia - a term she doesn't understand. Seeing Tom approaching her with mischief on his mind, Two Shoes has to cut her phone conversation short before she can find out more details about Tom's current illness. The hapless housemaid begs Tom to leave her alone and attempts to evade him by walking away on stilts. Tom mischievously pulls the stilts from under her, causing Two Shoes to fall down with an enormous crash, silencing her. The deranged feline then runs back into the mouse hole and break Jerry's bed, Jerry finds Tom even more annoying as a 'rodent' than as a cat, and so plots to bring him back.
12a 12a "Pup on a Picnic" Neal Sternecky Earl Kress Dave Bennett April 27, 2019 113a
Spike and Tyke are enjoying a picnic, but a chase between Tom and Jerry forces them to set out on another picnic, where they resolve to keep Tom away once and for all. Jerry, hiding in their picnic basket, draws a likeness of himself onto a hot dog to trick Tom into taking food from their basket, which angers Spike; however, Tom evades Spike by tricking him to lunge for a hot dog, where Spike crashes into a shallow lake; which is where he is knocking his head and a word inside a pink circle which reads "sucker".
12b 12b "Daredevil Droopy " Neal Sternecky Mark Turosz Bob Foster and Charles Visser April 27, 2019 113b
When a circus arrives to town, it features its famous attractions including "The Great Barko and His Famous Acrobatic Dogs". And under the commercial posters an advertisement stands, titled "Dare Devil Dog Wanted", advertising a job for Barko's new dog-acrobats, under the condition "Must be Fearless!". This attracts both Droopy and Spike's attention to apply for the job.
12c 12c "Quiet Please! " Neal Sternecky Richard Pursel Kevin Frank April 27, 2019 113c
Tom's nemesis, Spike, is trying to take a nap, but is awoken by Tom Cat chasing Jerry Mouse with a frying pan. After being hit several times, an annoyed Spike tries to go back to sleep. But he is awoken again by Tom's rather inaccurate use and tossing away of a rifle, which hits Spike on the head. The canine buries his head in his pillow, but is woken a third time by Tom trying to whack Jerry with the flat of an axe, but getting Spike instead. Fed up, Spike grabs Tom, and angrily tells him that he is becoming a nervous wreck, which he demonstrates by pulling his tongue, producing a crazed look on his face. First calmly, then viciously, he warns Tom that if there is one more sound, no matter who makes it, he will skin Tom alive. On the side, Jerry grins and nods happily.
13a 13a "Happy Go Ducky" Tim Maltby Meredith Jennings-Offen Lyndon Ruddy May 4, 2019 105a
On the Easter morning, the Easter Bunny leaves an Easter egg for Tom and Jerry. However, the egg is not a chocolate egg; instead, out hatches a duckling named Quacker, who insists on swimming in everything in the house: Tom's milk dish, the fish tank (riding a seahorse in the process), the watercooler, the bathtub, and the kitchen sink. Tom and Jerry put Quacker back in his egg and tape the egg shut, but Quacker escapes.
13b 13b "Feedin' the Kiddie" Tim Maltby Story by: Charles Schneider

Teleplay by: Richard Pursel

Julian Chaney and Dan Kubat May 4, 2019 105b
Jerry is eating a cheese set in a trap while reading Good Mousekeeping. He notices someone outside, Tuffy, enters and tries to take the cheese, before Jerry pulls him. He reads a note. Jerry has been asked to take care of Tuffy over the Thanksgiving holiday by his cousin George. However, Tuffy, as the note pinned to his scarf says, "loves to eat!".
13c 13c "Push-Button Kitty" Tim Maltby Charles Schneider Jennifer Coyle May 4, 2019 105c
Mammy Two Shoes is sweeping the floor while Tom is relaxing near Jerry's mouse hole, not caring or noticing as Jerry comes out and returns with a piece of cheese. Then Mammy receives a package she has been expecting. She opens it to reveal Mechano, a talented robotic cat, just the opportunity to downsize Tom after his laziness. In disbelief, both Tom and Jerry laugh out loud. Then Mammy turns on Mechano with the remote control, and it immediately darts to the mouse, hits him with a hammer, and slingshots him out through the window.


Season 2 (2019–2020) Edit



No. in


Title Directed by Written by Storyboard by Original air date Prod.


14a 1a "Blue Cat Blues" TJ House Christopher Painter Nondas Korodimos and TJ House September 21, 2019 202a
A depressed Tom sits on a railroad bridge, bent on suicide. Watching from overhead, Jerry laments his old friend's state and recalls the events leading up to Tom's depression.

Tom and Jerry have been inseparable until Tom falls in love with a beautiful white female cat. The white cat initially reciprocates Tom's affections, but, as Jerry suspects, proves herself to be a gold digger when she leaves Tom for the much wealthier Mr. Butch.

14b 1b "Down Beat Bear" TJ House Joe Purdy Kevin Frank September 21, 2019 202b
Jerry prances into his home and turns on a Cabinet radio to turn on his light so he could read, but Tom enters and, disturbed by the music while reading, turns off the radio. Jerry, irritated, turns the radio back on, causing Tom's head to throb from the loudness. Tom switches it off again, and Jerry switches it on again. Before Tom can quell the radio once more, a news broadcast announces that a trained bear has escaped from the carnival, and there is a big reward for reporting him to the police, but while he will dance if he hears music, he is harmless. Jerry and Tom then continue to toggle the radio on and off until Tom pulls the plug out.
14c 1c "Muscle Beach Tom" TJ House Charles Schneider Neal Sternecky September 21, 2019 202c
Several cats are working out with weights on a busy day at Muscle Beach. Tom and his girlfriend arrive on a date and Tom carelessly dumps their equipment on top of a sunbathing Jerry. An annoyed Jerry ignores the cat, until Tom happens to stick his parasol through Jerry's towel, ripping it, and throws his discarded food onto Jerry. Fed up, Jerry marches up to Tom and slaps him with a banana peel, and is rewarded by being inflated into a balloon by Tom, making Jerry pop and rocket into the distance.
15a 2a "The Flying Sorceress" Tim Maltby Christopher Painter Dave Bennett September 28, 2019 201a
Tom is chasing Jerry through the house, as usual, but then collides with a table and breaks an ornament, causing him to be scolded by Joan. She says "Well, Mr. Clumsy every time you chase that mouse, you break something". While Tom cleans up the mess, he sees an advertisement in the newspaper for an intelligent cat as an old lady's traveling companion, gets interested in the job, and leaves for the given location.
15b 2b "That's My Mommy" Tim Maltby Christopher Painter Marcus Williams September 28, 2019 201b
A mother duck is sleeping on her nest of eggs, but one of the egg suddenly rolls from the nest and begins to hatch. The duckling, Quacker, slips under a sleeping Tom outside and hatches underneath him, causing Quacker to assume Tom as his mother. While the duckling snuggles next to his "mommy", Tom places two sticks across a fire and ties Quacker to another stick, intending to spit-roast him. Jerry walks in, and horrified by the sight, rescues Quacker by placing Tom's tail on the rotisserie.
15c 2c "Smarty Cat" Tim Maltby Tom Minton Julian Chaney September 28, 2019 201c
Tom's feline friends, Butch, Topsy and Lightning,[1] peek over a fence and then Butch whistles. Tom shows them a sign with "Nobody home" written on it. The felines run to the house, sneaking while passing a sleeping Spike.
16a 3a "Baby Puss" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone October 5, 2019 203a
A little girl named Nancy is playing dollhouse, and pretending to be the mother and has also dressed Tom, apparently the family pet, up to be her baby. She scolds Tom, who is hiding under some furniture. She drags Tom out by his tail and threatens to spank him. Tom is resentful over his treatment and feels humiliated. She carries him to the bassinet, tucks him in, and shoves a bottle of milk in his mouth. She warns him, under threat of more spanking, to stay in bed while she goes downtown to buy a new girdle. Indignant at first, Tom gets a taste of milk and quickly accepts his lot, cooing like a baby and drinking from his baby bottle.
16b 3b "The Yankee Doodle Mouse" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone October 5, 2019 203b
Tom pursues Jerry through a cellar, but the mouse successfully dives into his mousehole. Tom peers into the hole, and Jerry launches a tomato from a mousetrap into his face. Jerry then climbs up the wall and grabs a handful of eggs from a carton marked "Hen-Grenades". As Tom wipes the tomato off his face, he is promptly covered in egg, with one hit to the eye leaving the effect of him wearing a monocle. Jerry shoots off the corks from a champagne case, knocking Tom into a tub of water with only a pot to keep him afloat. The mouse promptly launches a brick from a spatula, sinking both the pot and Tom. Leading to the 1st war communiqué message, it reads "Sighted cat – sank same. Signed, Lt. Jerry Mouse."
16c 3c "Mouse Trouble" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone October 5, 2019 203c
After the postman puts a gift into Tom's mailbox, Tom opens the box and finds a book on how to catch mice and for the rest of the cartoon. He takes its advice to attempt to catch Jerry.

The first thing the book suggests is to locate the mouse. Tom finds Jerry reading the book with him, but when he tries to grab Jerry, the mouse steps off the book and slams Tom's nose in it.

17a 4a "Puttin' on the Dog" Tim Maltby Robert Ramirez Dave Bennett October 12, 2019 204a
Tom chases Jerry into a dog pound and the dogs expel Tom. Jerry, sitting on Spike's back, taunts Tom. Tom notices a dog statue and steals the head. He walks like a dog and sneaks into the dog pound, but loses the head. He attempts to pull it out when Spike notices him. Tom puts himself back under the head and barks. Spike turns and walks away.
17b 4b "The Bodyguard" Tim Maltby Tom Minton Julian Chaney October 12, 2019 204b
The starting scene shows Tom running after Jerry. Jerry hides behind a potato mound in a garden when he hears Spike the bulldog call to him. Spike has been caught by a dog catcher and locked in the back of his truck, and Jerry is the only one who can help him escape from the truck before it drives away. Despite their differences, Jerry shows Spike mercy and frees him by removing a piece of wood that latches the cage shut. Spike falls out of the truck just as it pulls away, and thanks Jerry by vowing to assist the mouse at any time at the sound of a whistle.
17c 4c "The Flying Cat" Tim Maltby Robert Ramirez Lyndon Ruddy October 12, 2019 204c
Tom tries to capture a sleeping Cuckoo, but Jerry trips him up and the cage rolls into a tree, waking Cuckoo up. As Tom pursues Jerry, Cuckoo saves Jerry by tugging a drying line, which tangles Tom. Tom then chases Cuckoo with an axe, but misses and cut into pieces down a tree, which frequently bounces off Tom's head, propelling him. Cuckoo motions for Jerry to join him in his birdhouse; Tom comes behind, but Cuckoo gives him with a 2,000 lb weight to push him diving. As Jerry and Cuckoo shake hands, Tom uses a ladder to climb up again, but Cuckoo sets the ladder on fire to send Tom falling again. Tom uses a swing, but Jerry and Cuckoo leap onto his hands.
18a 5a "That's My Pup!" TJ House Christopher Painter Neal Sternecky, Nondas Korodimos, and Akis Dimitrakopoulos October 26, 2019 205a
Spike is teaching Tyke the three important rules of being a dog: being man's best friend, burying bones and how to chase cats, which Spike says is his specialty. Observing Tom chasing Jerry and waiting by Jerry's mouse hole, Spike has the perfect cat to chase in, Tom. He sneaks up behind Tom and barks ferociously. Tom is quite literally frightened out of his skin and climbs a tree to get away from Spike, shredding off most of its bark in the process.
18b 5b "Just Ducky" TJ House Brad Birch Andy Suriano and Marcus Williams October 26, 2019 205b
A mother duck sees all but one of her eggs hatch into ducklings and takes them for a swim, but Quacker then hatches from the final egg and tries to catch up. He wades into the water but is unable to stay afloat. He calls for his mother, but she is too far away to hear. Quacker starts to cry, then Jerry notices and tries to show him how to swim, but Quacker only flails his arms in frustration.
18c 5c "Two Little Indians" TJ House Joe Purdy Kevin Frank and Mary Hanley October 26, 2019 205c
The cartoon opens with two young mice, both resembling Nibbles, dressed as Indians (one with a blue feather, the other, red) and walking toward Jerry's house. They knock on the door and hand him a note which reads:
19a 6a "Life with Tom" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone November 3, 2007 206a
A mailman delivers two packages and whistles out loud. Tom approaches to see that nothing is in his mailbox but he spots a package in Jerry's mailbox though, and opens it to find a book entitled "Life with Tom". He hides in the bush as Jerry walks towards his mailbox and retrieves a letter. Tom then hears a radio program which announces the publication of "Life with Tom" by Jerry Mouse revealing that Jerry's book is his autobiography. Tom opens the book and flips the page to "Dedicated to Tom --- Without whom --- I could do very well". Tom flips forward a few pages.
19b 6b "Puppy Tale" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone November 2, 2019 206b
An automobile throws a sack off the edge of a bridge into a river and drives away. When Jerry retrieves the bag and opens it, its contents are revealed; a litter of puppies runs out of the bag, with one of the puppies straggling behind and taking an immediate liking to Jerry. At first Jerry wants nothing of the puppy, first trying to scare him, then sending him after a stick that he throws in a river; when the puppy chases the stick to fetch it, he almost falls off a cliff.
19c 6c "Posse Cat" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone November 2, 2019 206c
Tom is sleeping lazily in a ranch kitchen, while Jerry throws a rope at a sausage to it from the cook. The cook is very angry with Tom for his laziness and refuses to give him his meal of a turkey leg and mashed potatoes in gravy until he gets rid of Jerry, chasing the cat out by shooting at him with his revolver.
20a 7a "Hic-cup Pup" Tim Maltby Christopher Keenan Dave Bennett November 9, 2019 207a
Spike is putting his son, Tyke, to bed. When a bird flies by to chirp, Spike calmly tells the bird to be quiet. However, Tom and Jerry's usual antics wake Tyke up, and Spike asks Tom, "Hey! What's the idea of waking up my boy?!" Tyke ends up getting the hiccups.
20b 7b "Little School Mouse" Tim Maltby Richard Pursel Lyndon Ruddy November 9, 2007 207b
Jerry decides to school Tuffy in the basics of outwitting a cat. After teaching him what will happen if a cat catches him and how mad a cat will be if a mouse escapes into its hole, Jerry teaches him how to look for danger when he is leaving his mousehole. Using a mousehole facade and a mechanical cat's paw operated by a crank, Jerry sees what Tuffy does, only for Tuffy to fail when the paw catches him, but soon regrets demonstrating the proper method after Tuffy enthusiastically smacks him several times with the paw.
20c 7c "Baby Butch" Tim Maltby Christopher Keenan Julian Chaney November 9, 2019 207c
Butch is walking down an alleyway at night picking up food. He sees a bottle of milk and ham at Tom and Jerry's house, but Tom retrieves both items before Butch can steal them. Seeing their full refrigerator and determined to gain access to it, Butch disguises himself as an abandoned baby on the doorstep in order to gain Tom's sympathy and infiltrate the house.
21a 8a "Mice Follies" TJ House Tom Minton Neal Sternecky December 7, 2019 208a
Jerry and his nephew Tuffy flood the kitchen and freeze the water, turning the room into a skating rink. The two mice go about their own business, skating and sliding across the frozen floor - until Tom is woken up and peeps through the wall. While Tuffy slips through the ice, he accidentally pulls off half of Tom's whiskers. Tuffy attempts a fix, but the whiskers fall off and Tuffy brushes them under the mat. Tom pursues the two mice, but is not as mobile on ice as he thought.
21b 8b "Neapolitan Mouse" TJ House Richard Pursel Nondas Korodimos December 7, 2019 208b
Tom and Jerry both arrive in Naples, Italy. Tom chases Jerry until an Italian mouse named Topo defends Jerry. Topo explains that he dislikes it when a bigger creature picks on a smaller creature, and proves it by saving Tom from an Italian dog. Topo then recognizes Tom and Jerry and befriends them, showing the duo the sights and treating them to local delicacies. Tom struggles with his large sandwich, making Jerry laugh, but Topo then drops a form of caciocavallo into Jerry, making Jerry inflate.
21c 8c "Downhearted Duckling" TJ House Eric Shaw Kevin Frank December 7, 2019 208c
Outside Jerry’s house, Quacker is inconsolable, because he thinks he must be ugly after reading The Ugly Duckling and noticing the duck in the picture looks like him. He's so sad as he attempts suicide by using a large axe, but Jerry saves him. Jerry tries to make Quacker smile by dressing him up nicely, but when Quacker sees his reflection in a broken mirror, he still believes is ugly and cries even harder.
22a 9a "Pet Peeve" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone December 14, 2019 209a
Tom and Spike are living together, Spike is eating a club sandwich while Tom makes a sandwich with cat food. Tom drops a piece of bread as Jerry tries to steal it. Tom stops Jerry by stepping on his tail as he takes the piece of bread from Jerry and pops him back to his hole. They overhear an argument taking place between the owners of the house named Joan and George. Joan and George decide that the food costs are far too high and their dog and cat are eating too much. George reads all of the costs saying Dog food and Cat food. The argument is now saying that they decided to get rid of Tom or Spike. The ensuing argument ends with the conclusion that only one pet can stay in the house. George wants to get rid of Tom, but Joan wants to get rid of Spike. When both Tom and Spike prove to be as helpful and worthy as each other in cleaning the house and providing good company, George and Joan make a deal: the first to catch Jerry will stay in the house.
22b 9b "Southbound Duckling" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone December 14, 2019 209b
Quacker, convinced that all ducks fly South for the winter, packs his suitcase, visits Jerry to tell him about his migration plans, and tries to leave, but the mouse stops him, showing Quacker a book on ducks to convince him that only wild ducks fly south, and domestic ducks like Quacker do not. Quacker, unconvinced, leaves, but quickly becomes out of breath running, and Jerry again shows his friend the book. Quacker refuses to give up, using a catapult, but flies straight into Tom's mouth.
22c 9c "It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone December 14, 2019 209c
Jerry invades Mrs.Two Shoes home and drives Tom to a nervous breakdown. Concerned about the welfare of her cat, Mrs.Two Shoes calls on the Jet Age Pest Control to remove the rodent. Calaboose Cal is assigned the job.
23a 10a "The Hypo-Chondri-Cat" Tim Maltby Jim Gomez Julian Chaney February 1, 2020 210a
Jerry and Nibbles take shelter in a house, but are shortly confronted by Tom. He chases the two, but when he comes to an open window, a draft hits him and he is overtaken by his fear of catching a cold that could develop into pneumonia. He immediately grabs some pills and medicine. The mice see this as an opportunity to dispose of Tom. They trick him into thinking he is very sick, then they pretend to perform surgery on him.
23b 10b "The Cat's Tale" Tim Maltby Christopher Painter Dave Bennett February 1, 2020 210b
Jerry gets tired of being chased, so he confronts Tom and orders him to stop. He convinces Tom to tell dog Spike to quit chasing him as well. Mayhem ensues when understandings can't be reached. Tom goes to visit the dog to tell him that all the chasing should stop, but ends up dumping the dog's bowl on his head. Spike chases Tom, who starts chasing Jerry again.
23c 10c "Mouse Wreckers" Tim Maltby Charles Schneider Lyndon Ruddy February 1, 2020 210c
Scouting out a new home, Jerry calls over Nibbles, who begins to gaze into it before Jerry slaps Bertie to make him realize that before they can move in, the cat Tom, who has an award for Best Mouser - 2016 (along with other mouser awards), must be removed first. Realizing that the task may not be easy, comes up with several ways to chase Tom out, all of which are designed to drive him crazy, having Jerry do each of the tricks.
24a 11a "Tree for Two" TJ House Richard Pursel Akis Dimitrakopoulos and Garrett O'Donoghue February 8, 2020 211a
Tyke tells his idol Spike that he knows of a cat that they can beat up. The cat is Freleng's own Kyle, but every time Spike thinks he has the cat cornered, a runaway black panther appears in Kyle's place, thrashing the dog instead. When Tyke decides to have a go of it, however, Kyle finds himself at the little dog's mercy. By the cartoon's end, Spike and Tyke have switched roles; Spike is the fawning sycophant, and Tyke the smug prizefighter.
24b 11b "Sandy Claws" TJ House TJ House TJ House, Warren Leonhardt, and Neal Sternecky February 8, 2020 211b
Mammy Two Shoes has taken Jerry to the beach for the day. Mammy Two Shoes tells Jerry she can't wait to try on her new "bikini bathing suit" and promises to return right away. Meanwhile, Sylvester is fishing on the pier and, after pointing a gun at a worm, is immediately swallowed by a huge fish. After expressing his disgust about his lack of success, the cat spots Jerry in his cage, sitting on a rock across the pier and unguarded. Tom thinks he's in for a free meal ... until the tide comes in and washes Tom away. The high waters surround Jerry's cage, leaving the mouse to yell for help
24c 11c "Lumber Jerks" TJ House Christopher Painter Neal Sternecky February 8, 2020 211c
Droopy and Dripple find that the tree they are living in has been cut down, and is gone. They find that it's in a log pile about to be taken away, to be produced into paper. They find it, but have to go up a waterfall on a log. When they go inside, they find themselves coming face to face against a bizarre machine designed to turn trees into toothpicks. They also make artificial logs. They find a room with furniture made of wood.
25a 12a "Broom-Stick Droopy" William Hanna and Joseph Barbera Tom Minton, Spike Brandt, and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone March 7, 2020 212a
It is Halloween night, and Witch Hazel is concocting a batch of witch's brew. As she goes about her business, she pauses at her magic mirror and asks it who is the ugliest one of all. The genie in the mirror replies that she, Witch Hazel, is the ugliest one of all. Hazel explains to the audience that she is "deathly afraid" of getting prettier as she grows older, a fear that she initially just laughs off.

Meanwhile, Droopy is out trick-or-treating dressed as a witch, his face hidden by an ugly green mask. He calls on Witch Hazel, who, seeing his costume, mistakes him for an actual witch ("I don't remember seeing her at any of the union meetings before"). After making a comment about Droopy' appearance ("Isn't she the ugliest thing?"), she dashes to her magic mirror and asks it a second time who is the ugliest one of all. The genie in the mirror looks towards Droopy, also thinks that he is a witch and replies that he actually finds Droopy far uglier.

25b 12b "House Hunting Mice" William Hanna and Joseph Barbera Tom Minton, Spike Brandt, and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone March 7, 2020 212b
In their search for cheese, the duo wanders into a model "home of tomorrow" and battle against the automated convenience features, especially a robot that sweeps the floor when it detects any foreign objects. Just when they think they have won, Jerry accidentally summons the spring cleaning robots which ends with the two mice entangled in the carpet beating procedure..
25c 12c "Hollywood Tom Cat" William Hanna and Joseph Barbera Tom Minton, Spike Brandt, and Tony Cervone Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone March 7, 2020 212c
The film begins with a pack of wolves howling in the center of Hollywood (a pun on the greed of Hollywood executives, often called "wolves" in those days). Tom, having travelled to Hollywood, attempts to get into the "Warmer Bros." studio to see movie stars. However, the abrasive Keystone Kops-like security guard with a Joe Besser-like voice will not let him pass through the gate. After unsuccessfully endeavoring to enter the studio by way of various disguises and being thrown out each time, culminating with Tom posing as a film director, but ultimately this disguise is exposed as well. Tom finally declares that he won't leave until he literally "sees (movie) stars." The guard agrees to figuratively show him the stars, then bashes Tom over the head and throws him out of the studio, where the dazed Tom can see all the stars he wants...circling his head.
26a 13a "Bad Ol' Pussycat" Frank Molieri Christopher Painter Julian Chaney and Frank Molieri March 21, 2020 213a
Tom run to try to get to Jerry's mouse hole; Jerry fights back with knocks to the head and a dynamite stick. Tom tries to get Jerry to slide down a clothespin and into his mouth; he almost gets a rocket ride for his trouble.
26b 13b "Roughly Squeaking" Tim Maltby Richard Pursel Dave Bennett March 21, 2020 213b
Cheese-chasing mice Jerry and Nibbles shave Tom and try to convince him that he's a lion. And if he's a lion, there are other things to hunt than mice. And that the mean bulldog in the backyard is really a moose. Eventually, they convince the dog he's a gazelle, then a pelican..
26c 13c "I Saw a Pussy Cat" Tim Maltby Richard Pursel Lyndon Ruddy and Hyunsook Cho March 21, 2020 213c
Kyle awaits the arrival of a new duckling after the previous duck has mysteriously disappeared (one of several such disappearances, according to stencils the cat keeps on a wall hidden by a curtain, confirmed by his "hiccup" of some yellow feathers). Upon the arrival of the duck, Kyle pretends to play nice in order to abuse and eventually make a meal of the pretending-to-be-naive duck.

A series of violent visual gags ensues in which Little Quacker physically subdues the threatening cat by smoking him up, hitting him on the foot with a mallet, feeding him some alum and using his uvula as a punching bag.

Season 3 (2020-2021) Edit

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Title Written by Original air date
27a 1a "The Planet Dogmania" Sandy Fries September 12, 2020
After eating pizza, Tom has a bad nightmare where scary cats tells him if he can't catch Jerry within the next hour, he will be sent off to the Planet Dogmania.
27b 1b "McWolfula" Jim Ryan September 12, 2020
McWolf appears as a Dracula Vampire and tries to bite Droopy and Dripple who sleeps in his castle.
27c 1c "Catawumpus Cat" Sandy Fries September 12, 2020
Tom is sent by the Native American cats to catch the Wildmouse. But in the end, the Native Americans gets angry for failing to catch the Wildmouse before sent Tom to live with the wild animals, including the Wildmouse.
28a 2a "Pest in the West" Patrick A. Ventura September 19, 2020
Jerry's cousin Slowpoke Antonio annoys Tom by eating his food before he pursues them.
28b 2b "Double 'O' Droopy" Jim Ryan September 19, 2020
Droopy and Dripple are spy agents and their mission is to stop McWolf's plans. The title character is a parody of James Bond.
28c 2c "Tom, the Babysitter" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson September 19, 2020
A teenage girl (voiced by Kath Soucie) was instructed the babysit baby while her mother (also voiced by Kath Soucie) was going out after Tom was given to promise not to bother the baby. However, the babysitter is talking on the phone than doing her actual babysitting, while Tom points to her that the baby has crawled out of his crib and was crawling everywhere around the house until the babysitter accuses Tom for taking the baby out of the crib and kicks him out of the house. Then Tom gets back inside and works together with Jerry to manage the baby be put back into his crib shortly before the baby's mother returns home.

Note: This episode is a remake of the 1958 Tom and Jerry short Tot Watchers.

29a 3a "Gas Blaster Puss" Patrick A. Ventura September 26, 2020
Jerry builds the special motorcycle for mouses, while Tom uses a various heavy shooting weapons to attacks him but fails.
29b 3b "Fear of Flying" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson September 26, 2020
Dr. Droopy and Dripple teaches McWolf how to face his fear of flying after being delayed at the airport for taking his vacation trip to Hawaii with Miss Vavoom.
29c 3c "Mess Hall Mouser" Sandy Fries September 26, 2020
Tom and Jerry are serving as a US army in a training base. The army chef orders Tom to catch Jerry for stealing his food, but every time when Tom catches Jerry, a female soldier cat comes to help Jerry.
30a 4a "Toliver's Twist" Barry Blitzer September 27, 2020
A poor and hungry mouse goes into Tom and Jerry's house to tell them about him and his fellow mice orphanage were suffering so they welcomes them in their house.
30b 4b "Boomer Beaver" Patrick A. Ventura September 27, 2020
A beaver discovers that his house was completely destroyed by Spike when he's cutting all of the abundant-tree filled forest to build his own house before he convince him to destroy his house.
30c 4c "Pony Express Droopy" Bruce Morris September 27, 2020
Droopy, Dripple and McWolf compete in a pony express race until Droopy and Dripple wins the race.
31a 5a "Krazy Klaws" Barry Blitzer October 3, 2020
Tom wants to be part of a motorcycle cat gang riders before they sent him to catch Jerry.
31b 5b "Tyke on a Bike" Bruce Morris October 3, 2020
Tyke wins the bike from lottery while he's watching television which is the special red racers like a motorcycle called the super duper bicycle with autograph picture and asks his father Spike to teach him how to ride a bike, but Spike can't ride himself since he was young before he tells the daredevil rider to learn how to ride the motorcycle in a obstacle course, but failed.
31c 5c "Tarmutt of the Apes" Jim Ryan October 3, 2020
McWolf is searching and tries to catch a gorilla to make a millionaire reward, but Droopy and Dripple saves the gorilla.
32a 6a "Tom's Mermouse Mess-Up" Patrick A. Ventura October 4, 2020
During Tom's fishing outing, Jerry finds a beautiful mermaid mouse after being attacked by the sea creature. He's always spending time to love interest with the beautiful mermouse around the ocean until Tom was caught on her in attempts to sell the mermaid into the aquarium before Jerry manages and helps the mermouse to escape.
32b 6b "Here's Sand in Your Face" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson October 4, 2020
Tyke has a conflict with a man on the beach when he accidentally trips himself causing his beach ball bouncing on him before Spike gets bullied and then throws him into the sea. In Spike's last attempt, he uses these moves on T.V. to get tough on him and teaches him with ballet dancing.
32c 6c "Deep Space Droopy" Stewart St. John October 4, 2020
In space, Droopy and Dripple are protecting Princess Vavoom's medallion from McWolf who attempts to steal on her.
33a 7a "Termi-Maid" Carl Swenson October 10, 2020
A robot named Termi-Maid comes into Tom and Jerry's house to clean the house, but the robot becomes a threat to Tom and Jerry before they work together to stop her for the creative ways.
33b 7b "The Fish That Shoulda Got Away" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson October 10, 2020
Spike and Tyke are go fishing and tries to catch a various kinds of fish but with trouble. In the end, Tyke tells Spike that he found a fish: a beautiful mermaid.
33c 7c "Droopy's Rhino" Patrick A. Ventura October 10, 2020
In Africa, McWolf tries to catch a rare white Rhino for a huge money reward but Droopy and Dripple saves the rhino. In the end, Droopy and Dripple gets the money reward by the ringmaster at the cargo ship for catching McWolf because he's a rare wolf.
34a 8a "The Break 'n' Entry Boyz" Barry Blitzer October 11, 2020
Two notorious dog bandits sneaks into Tom and Jerry's house to steal their things, but they tie Tom up. Jerry unties him and team up to get them until Jerry calls the police to get the bandits and arrests them and they end up in prison.
34b 8b "Love Me, Love My Zebra" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson October 11, 2020
Tyke is hiding a zebra in his room during the news after he escapes from the zoo and promise him to take back to his homeland. When the zoo catcher is coming, Tyke and the zebra runs away with being chased by the zoo truck before they entering into the Scarborough Hill Race Track to race with the horses and wins the race. He gets the money prize for winning the competition and a zebra lives with Tyke and Spike.
34c 8c "Dakota Droopy Returns" Patrick A. Ventura October 11, 1992
Droopy and Dripple travel through the Amazon jungle to find the lost beautiful young princess for a huge money reward, while McWolf is also trying to find the lost princess, but becomes side-tracked by the local tribe. When they find her, they discovered she was already being rescued by Droopy's grandfather as well as being married to him. Droopy and Dripple are happy for him and lets him to be alone with his beautiful new bride.
35a 9a "Doom Manor" Stewart St. John October 17, 2020
During a chase, Tom and Jerry runs off into a creepy manor house and meets the witch, (voiced by Tress MacNeille) who's truly loves cats and uses Jerry as an experiment. In the end, Frankenstein gets caught with them after the chase which ruins to her laboratory and escapes from the house, but he wants to befriend Tom and Jerry.
35b 9b "Barbecue Bust-Up" Patrick A. Ventura October 17, 2020
Butch interrupts Spike and Tyke's barbecue as Spike doesn't allow to cats to eat the steak. In Butch's last attempt, the steak is completely destroyed after he accidentally gets rockets into the barbecue grill, causing it to explode and he has an idea to bring the guests over at the cats' neighborhood for inviting them over for steak.

Note: This episode is a similar to the 1956 Tom and Jerry short "Barbecue Brawl".

35c 9c "The Fabulous Droopy & Dripple" Stewart St. John October 17, 2020
Droopy and Dripple are hired by new singer Miss Vavoom at their club, while McWolf attempts to kill them and get into the show. But in the end after his failed attempts, McWolf has had enough and tells them he wants to become the star of their act. This episode is a parody of "The Fabulous Baker Boys".
36a 10a "S.O.S. Ninja" Stewart St. John October 18, 2020
After Tom puts Jerry out of the house, a sales mouse gives Jerry a protection belt and ninjas in order to keep Tom from bothering him and giving him protection.
36b 10b "The Pink Powder Puff Racer" Stewart St. John October 18, 2020
Spike (who's former the soapbox racing champion since he was young) prepares Tyke to build with his own car for the soapbox race.
36c 10c "Car Wash Droopy" Stewart St. John October 18, 2020
Droopy and Dripple make a lot of money at their car wash, while McWolf tries to get the people to come to his car wash.
37a 11a "Go-pher Help" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson October 24, 2020
At a golf course, a gopher sees Tom is chasing and mistreating Jerry as a golf's equipment before he saves him to make their own tricks for Tom.
37b 11b "Downhill Droopy" Stewart St. John October 24, 2020
At the ski resort, famous French skiers Droopy and Dripple teach the movie star Miss Vavoom for skiing lessons, while Matterhorn McWolf gets furious when they give the ski lessons to her instead of him.
37c 11c "Down in the Dumps" Bruce Morris October 24, 2020
Tyke assumes his sleepy father's assignment to protect the city dump from scavengers which is Kyle (the third appearance of the character).
38a 12a "Catastrophe Cat" Stewart St. John October 25, 2020
Tom's country cousin named Catastrophe Cat, the title character which can cause any disastrous objects while singing and walking around, he visits into Tom and Jerry's house before he helps him to catch Jerry but only to get hit by Tom.
38b 12b "Droopy and the Dragon" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson October 25, 2020
After the magic show, the fire inspector Droopy and Dripple rescues the McWolf's dragon to take him back to his homeland by using the time machine as a Droopy's last word said "a very happy ending".
38c 12c "Wildmouse II" Stewart St. John October 25, 2020
Sheriff Potgut hires the Gator Brothers to stop the Wildmouse for stealing his favourite soup while riding the speed boat.

Note: This episode is a stand-alone of Wildmouse character and a Tom and Jerry Adventuresspin-off series.

39a 13a "Tom's Double Trouble" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson October 31, 2020
Tom's owner gets the birthday present for him which was the white mouse named Percy (voiced by Stephanie Nadolny), but he always doing trouble with him until Percy manages to hit back then runs away and hides into Jerry's hole before he paints Jerry white just like a twin-brother to get rid of him. In the end, Tom was so sad about Percy being accidentally into the sewer drain sidewalk before he paints Jerry in white when Tom's owner returns and was surprisingly, Percy is still alive before he get back into his cage and goodbye with them, but Tom turns into an argument as a evil and allegedly doing this trouble again before the chase will resumes.
39b 13b "High Seas Hijinks" Carl Swenson October 31, 2020
The queen tells Droopy Columbus and Dripple along with their rival Admiral McWolf to set the sail to find the new world and whoever gets there first will be rewarded for the great prizes.
39c 13c "Just Rambling Along" Patrick A. Ventura October 31, 2020
In Madrid, Spain, Slowpoke Antonio performs the bullfighting at the Chilli Bean Arena.

Note: This episode is a stand-alone of Slowpoke Antonio's character and a Tom and Jerry Adventures spin-off series.

40a 14a "The Watchcat" Stewart St. John November 1, 2020
Tom is employed at the Museum of Natural History under the title of "watchcat" and his working under the human manager when Jerry was trespassing and sneaks into the museum. During the chase, the six objects comes to life at night and walk their exhibits to haunt them until the clock reaches at 6:00 AM before the objects back into their exhibits when the manager returns, but the museum manager is revealed that he was disguised as a brown wolf before scaring away at the museum.
40b 14b "Go with the Floe" Sandy Fries November 1, 2020
Droopy and Dripple compete with Muck luck McWolf in a dog-sled race to the North Pole to win a million dollar prize and kiss Miss Frosty Vavoom.
40c 14c "Pooches in Peril" Sandy Fries November 1, 2020
Mounties Droopy and Dripple are assigned to capture the dangerous tree logger Slalom McWolf.
41a 15a "Catch as Cat Can" Barry Blitzer November 7, 2020
Tom and Jerry are being chased by a game hunter on an island after they accidentally get in a hot-air balloon from a circus during their chase.
41b 15b "I Dream of Cheezy" Bruce Morris November 7, 2020
While chasing Jerry, Tom goes to Sergeant Boffo's ferocious feline mouse-bashing school for training to toughen up with his attitude for catching mice. When Tom catches Jerry and throws him away from the house, he finds a mysterious bottle at the city dump to release the mouse genie named Cheezy and befriends Jerry and helps him to attack Tom for doing so.

Note: This episode is a similar to I Dream of Jeannie.

41c 15c "Fraidy Cat" Don Nelson and Arthur Alsberg November 7, 2020
A cat named Tim (voiced by Stephanie 2020 and the character is similar to Jerry's twin-brother Percy in the previous title "Tom's Double Trouble") arrives at the front door and Tom welcomes in. Tim tells Tom (whom he refers to be a "twin brother" due to their similar appearances) with his memories when he was a timid cat and what was called the "Fraidy Cat", and a states that he's not anymore. During Tim's stay, he turns out to be still frightened of mice and pilfers food at the refrigerator until Tom gets caught with Jerry. In the end, Tom scares him away by disguising himself as a gigantic robot mouse by tricking him into believing Jerry was actually turned into the monster and scares him away from the house.

Note: This episode is a remake of the 1957 Tom and Jerry short Timid Tabby.

42a 16a "Sing Along with Slowpoke" Patrick A. Ventura November 8, 2020
Jerry's cousin Slowpoke Antonio visits into his house again to sing along with his guitar for the upcoming star TV show on tomorrow night, but his terrible singing annoys Tom and Tom keeps trying to get rid of Slowpoke.
42b 16b "Dakota Droopy and the Great Train Robbery" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson November 8, 2020
Dakota Droopy and Dripple are on a mission to guard a train from the most infamous gold robbery Gold Wolf which is carrying a billion dollars in gold bullion.
42c 16c "Droopy Law" Bruce Morris November 8, 2020
High Court Judge Droopy holds McWolf in disguised as a woman and Dripple with the public defender Miss Vavoom in court, Dripple tells her about accuses McWolf who's stealing the cookies while delivering to his grandmother (same as similar to the previous season 1 title "Hoodwinked Cat" when Kyle attempts to steal and eats the bird while delivering Tyke is being guarded by Spike).
43a 17a "Stunt Cat" Barry Blitzer November 14, 2020
Movie stunt cat Tom are making the movie titled "Dancing with Dingbats" (a take-off with Dances with Wolves) alongside Kevin Castner (a take-off with Kevin Costner) and the Wildmouse.
43b 17b "See No Evil" Sandy Fries November 14, 2020
During a usual chase, Jerry discovers some invisible ink at a table he changes himself into being invisible so can mess with Tom. And later, Tom also uses the invisible ink to do the same at Jerry. In the end, both of them are using the invisible ink to a chase that never stops around a destruction of the house.

Note: This episode is a similar to the 1947 Tom and Jerry short "The Invisible Mouse".

43c 17c "This Is No Picnic" Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson November 14, 2020
Spike and Tyke are on a outing for a picnic, while army of ants attempts to steal their father and son picnic food.
44a 18a "Scrapheap Symphony" Jim Ryan November 15, 2020
The first crossover episode of the series featuring the cast of Tom and Jerry Adventuress: Clyde, Calaboose Cal, Kyle, Miss Vavoom, Spike & Tyke, Droopy & Dripple, Slowpoke Antonio, Wildmouse, Butch, Lightning and Topsy are playing "The William Tell Overture" with McWolf as the conductor.
44b 18b "Circus Cat" Barry Blitzer November 15, 2020
During a chase around a circus, Tom digs into a lion's cage and he pulls him away. The lion named Simba, The King of the Beast befriends and helps to protect Jerry from Tom bothering him. In the end before the show begins, Tom will become his new assistant to jump through the ring of fire 200times for the world record attempt.
44c 18c "Cajun Gumbo" Stewart St. John November 15, 2020
Swampy the Fox escapes from a circus train and goes back to the swamp to locate the treasure, while Sheriff Potgut and the Gator Brothers (a previous appearances in the episode title "Wildmouse II") wants the treasure as well.
45a 19a "Hunter Pierre" Stewart St. John November 21, 2020
A wealthy animal collector tells Hunter Pierre to capture the Wildmouse at the old ghost town for a million dollar reward but fails attempts to catch him.
45b 19b "Battered Up!" Bruce Morris November 21, 2020
Molasses Droopy and Thunderbolt McWolf are the baseball players to compete against each other in the baseball competition match with Miss Vavoom as umpire and Dripple as a pitcher until McWolf wins the game will be promoted to the major leagues and introduce Droopy as a new coach, but McWolf scares him away and leaves the field, begging him to win the entire match.
45c 19c "The Conquest of the Planet Irwin" Sandy Fries November 21, 2020
In the year 2500 AD, Commandeer Droopy, Lieutenant Dripple and the crew member Rocket-Breath McWolf were onboarding the space ship was struggle to maintain control of his ship as he crash-lands onto the planet Irwin before he sends them into the palace to meet the Queen Vavoom and tells them about the contest; the winner will become the king and rule of the planet by her side if he captures the rare of zupp creature.
46a 20a "Big Top Droopy" Patrick A. Ventura November 22, 2020
Droopy and Dripple are the new daredevil superstar attractions at the Colonel Buckshot's Circus, while Bromo the Fearless Bear attempts to outperform without them.
46b 20b "Jerry and the Beanstalk" Barry Blitzer November 22, 2020
When Jerry is stealing food, Tom's owner tells him can't eat dinner if he captures Jerry and then gives him the 3 beans on the bowl before he throws the beans out which will turn into a beanstalk. Tom and Jerry climb the beanstalk up into the sky and enter a castle to find the golden egg when is being chased by the angry giant before they managed to escape by cutting down the beanstalk to "timber." The giant falls down into the ground and Tom and Jerry return and gives the owner back the golden egg until the giant drops by to want it back. This episode is a parody of "Jack and the Beanstalk".
46c 20c "High Speed Hounds" Sandy Fries November 22, 2020
Droopy and McWolf with Dripple races against each other in a footrace on The Big Apple Marathon Race, the winner will be rewarded to have a dinner date with Miss High-Rise Vavoom.
47a 21a "Penthouse Mouse" Jim Ryan November 28, 2020
Calaboose Cal and Tom are hired by a penthouse owner to get rid of Jerry during the grand opening of the Manhattan's most luxurious apartments.

Note: This episode is a similar to the 1963 Tom and Jerry short of the same title.

47b 21b "Twelve Angry Sheep" Bruce Morris November 28, 2020
Judge Droopy holds the case against Scoundrel McWolf in the courthouse who's accused of stealing the sheep from the loyal sheepdog Dripple and Little Miss Bo Peep Vavoom until Dripple was confessed that he's pleaded guilty of wrong doings before he sentenced him to 13 days in prison. This episode is a similar to the previous episode title "The Droopy Law" and a parody of "Twelve Angry Men".
47c 21c "The Ant Attack" Stewart St. John November 28, 2020
Tom's owner bakes a cake for Tom to celebrate his 7th birthday to blow all the candles until Jerry blows one candle to eat his cake and then runs away, but Jerry runs down to the closed door and Tom jumps onto the wooden plank, causing Jerry to fly into the tree and fall onto the ground before was rescued by the army of red ants (a previous appearances with the Spike & Tyke episode title "This Is No Picnic") and they plans to crash Tom's birthday celebration to cut the cake into a various pieces. When his owner returns home, she realises Tom was eating already with his birthday cake and promises to bake another one next year, much to Tom's confusion, sadly and sitting in the kitchen until the ants was finally give back to him with the pieces of the cake to apologise and carry the letters to said "Happy Birthday Tom" to enjoy his birthday cake in tears with the celebration. The seven candles of the birthday cake was revealing Tom to be around 6-7 years old in the cartoon series.
48a 22a "Mouse with a Message" Sandy Fries November 29, 2020
In the WWI Era, The Currier (Jerry) was sent by the general to deliver the letter to HQ, while Thomas Von Klobberhafen (the German name is Tom) was determined to acquire the letter.
48b 22b "It's the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Dr. McWolf" Jim Ryan November 29, 2020
The mad scientist Dr. McWolf tries to make himself handsome with his experiment after he sees the commercial of Dr. Droopy's product with the instant best-selling beauty market.
48c 22c "Wild World of Bowling" Bruce Morris November 29, 2020
Wildmouse escapes from a museum truck from a safe and enters the urban bowling alley where Tom is working at after a smoke direction from Tom's pizza sends him there. Tom tries to get rid of him until Wildmouse steals a bowling ball and leaves the town when the police arrived. In the end, Wildmouse is playing with the bowling ball with his friends in the wildlife forest.
49a 23a "Star Wrek" Barry Blitzer December 5, 2020
This episode title is about Tom and Jerry starring in a battle between the mouses and the Bulgarian feline cats enemies across the galaxy in a spoof of Star Trek.
49b 23b "Droop and Deliver" Bruce Morris December 5, 2020
In Colonial times, Droopy and Dripple are on the hazardous mission to drive with an armored coach, full of The King's currency to a dangeorus country. In their path, they encounter The Ungentlemanly Bandit: Uncouth McWolf, who is wanted for robbery, diliging and rude manners.
49c 23c "Swallow the Swallow" Patrick A. Ventura December 5, 2020
Hungry cats Kyle and Clyde attempts to eat Little Quacker (a previous appearance on the Tom and Jerry Adventures episode title "Hard to Swallow") after he's tiredness and falls onto the farm.
50a 24a "Lightning Bolt – The Super Squirrel Strikes Again" Patrick A. Ventura December 6, 2020
In a sequel to the previous season 2 title, Tom was playing tennis using Jerry as a tennis ball after the chase before the Lightning Bolt shots him and rescues Jerry to attack Tom when he's accidentally hits the tennis net before the chase resumes, but Fido starts chasing Tom when the Lightning Bolt saves him.
50b 24b "Surely You Joust" Sandy Fries December 6, 2020
An unemployed Droopy and Dripple looks for the job before they meet the King hires them to go out and must slay Dwayne The Dragon (voiced by Jim Cummings) who was wreak havoc in his kingdom.
50c 24c "Rootin' Tootin' Slowpoke" Patrick A. Ventura December 6, 2020
Slowpoke Antonio goes to the Gower Gulch to showdown against Flashipus, a desperado cat who's anytime to getting rid all of the mouses around his town.

Note: This is the 2nd episode of the Slowpoke Antonio's character.

51a 25a "Firehouse Mouse" Barry Blitzer December 12, 2020
The firehouse dog named Sparky returns to his duty from his retirement with the help of Tom and Jerry after Tom's accidentally spilled the cooking oil and the electric wire during the chase causing turns onto the fire to blaze and trapped them inside the kitchen.
51b 25b "The Wrath of Dark Wolf" Stewart St. John December 12, 2020
While taking the day off, Galactic cosmic heroes Captain Droopy and Junior Captain Dripple finds the Dark Wolf who is planning to take over their planet and build his own empire.
51c 25c "Pound Hound" Bruce Morris December 12, 2020
When Kyle steals from a hot dog vendor, he runs away and unknowingly enters a dog pound truck and is cuffed to a tough dog named Bazooka who hates cats. They escape the truck and goes on the run with a french dog inspector tracking them down.

Note: This is Kyle the Cat's only spin-off episode.

52a 26a "The Ghost of Castle McLochjaw" Bruce Morris December 13, 2020
On a dark and stormy night, Tom and Jerry runs off into a castle where they encounters a ghost dog after 200 years of back to his life from imprisonment before he befriends him and helps to protect Jerry from bothering Tom.
52b 26b "A Thousand Clones" Bruce Morris December 13, 2020
In 2029 AD at Los Angeles, Detectives Droopy and Dripple helps Dr. Ultra Vavoom (who is blue and has a different hairstyle) against Dr. Dupo McWolf who's stolen her duplicate machine and duplicates himself to create robotic enemies.
52c 26c "Roughing It" Jim Ryan December 13, 2020
In a wildlife forest, The three Mouse scouts have a plan to rough it with their scout leader and he teaches them a lesson to make men out of them.

Season 4 (2021) Edit

No. in


No. in


Title Written by Original air date
53a 1a "As the Cheese Turns" Janice Diamond September 11, 2021
Tom was watching his favorite daytime soap opera Nine Lives to Live, while Jerry tunes his favorite daytime soap opera As the Cheese Turns it's about tries to befriend an adolescent girl mouse after Tom's crash onto the swimming pool during the chase is being interrupted by the macho mouse before they decides to make the competition.
53b 1b "McWerewolf of London" Jim Ryan September 11, 2021
McWerewolf (McWolf) was going around in London causing their havoc the entire city before he rob some cash in the bank, the Inspector Droople and the Sergeant Dripple were on the case to stop him for attempted robbery.

Note: This episode is a similar to the 1981 British-American horror film "An American Werewolf in London".

53c 1c "Grab That Bird" Patrick A. Ventura September 11, 2021
In this sequel to the season 3 title "Swallow the Swallow", a castaways Kyle and Clyde are desperate for food as they lands onto the island were encounters Bernie Bird at the coconut tree during his vacation before attempts to catch and eats the bird but fails. In the end when the bird leaves the island to onboard the cruise ship, the giant monster appears and chasing them around the island.
54a 2a "Cave Mouse" Stewart St. John September 18, 2021
When a professor tells about the prehistoric times in a university, the cave cat Tom pursues the cave mouse Jerry.
54b 2b "McWolfenstein Returns" Jim Ryan September 18, 2021
In a sequel to the season 2 title, the mad scientist McWolfenstein gets him out of the castle for failure to do so before he meets Droopy, who's spoofing as Alfred Hitchcock, makes him star on his new monster-thriller movie titled "Saturday the 14th" (a take-off with the slasher horror film "Friday the 13th"). When McWolf spotted on television, he tries to stop them and bring his monster back for making the film.
54c 2c "Destructive Construction" Patrick A. Ventura September 18, 2021
Blast-off Buzzard pursues Crazy Legs Snake at a construction site in attempts to eat the snake, but fails.

Note: This is the first spin-off episode of the cartoon series.

55a 3a "Alien Mouse" Bruce Morris September 18, 2021
Captain entrusts Tom to stop the Wildmouse from swallowing and destroying their spaceship.

Note: This episode is a similar to the 1975 The Tom and Jerry Show episode title "Termites Plus Two".

55b 3b "Droopy Man" Stewart St. John September 18, 2021
In a city of darkness known as Gossip City, the millionaires & superheroes Droopy Man and Dripple Boy teams up with Cheetah Vavoom to stop the greedy pig named Piligos P. Snorthog for stealing their foods around the city. The title character is a parody of Batman.
55c 3c "Abusement Park" Patrick A. Ventura September 18, 2021
In a sequel from the previous episode title "Destructive Construction", Blast-off Buzzard and his gang of buzzards go after Crazy Legs Snake; they enter The Desert Oasis Amusement Park where Crazy Legs happens to be there and fooling around them and the chase resumes by using various amusement rides.
56a 4a "Martian Mouse" Stewart St. John October 2, 2021
The Martian Mouse were onboarding the ship was breaking up due to malfunction so he make an emergency landing on planet earth and meets Jerry after Tom gets him out of the house for playing drums while sleeping. While he makes a teleporting back to his planet after tells him to take care of his spaceship, Jerry flies around until Tom accidentally swallows it.
56b 4b "Darkwolf Strikes Back" Stewart St. John October 2, 2021
In a sequel to the season 3 title "The Wrath of Dark Wolf" after they captured Dark Wolf and teleported him to the Planet "Hoodnik," Captain Droopy and Junior Captain Dripple was sent out to find the priceless abadon energy ball and bring them back to Starleash Headquarters who's stolen by the galactic bandence and separated into two pieces were hidden by other planets when Dark Wolf returns to the action and attempts to steal their pieces too.
56c 4c "Knockout Pig" Patrick A. Ventura October 2, 2021
In McDoogles pig farm, the boxing pig escapes the barn at night from being pursuit by the police when he thinks he's going to be shipped to the meat market after they informed him by his fellow pigs before he heads to the suburbs where he meets Jerry for help, while Tom are also foils attempt to sell the pigs for a big money reward when he's informed by watching television before Jerry stops him by using the bell to beats him out.
57a 5a "Musketeer Jr." Patrick A. Ventura October 9, 2021
A musketeer Jerry teaches Tuffy how to be a musketeer in his fencing school and fight against the musketeer Tom for getting rid of them when Tuffy exclaims "Touché, Pussy Cat!" and pokes Tom's rear-end four times in the process.

Note: This episode is a similar to the 1954 Tom and Jerry short "Touché, Pussy Cat!".

57b 5b "Galaxy Droopy" Patrick A. Ventura October 9, 2021
The third episode is about a Dark Wolf's invention with the new Super Sucksaforus vacuum which can inhales all and suck out their planets before he tries to steal a bunch of lottery tickets at the convenience store, Captain Droopy and Junior Captain Dripple were on the mission to stop him from his evil plans.
57c 5c "Return of the Ants" Stewart St. John October 9, 2021
Spike and Tyke were on the beach for fun where suddenly the red ants who lives in the sand castle (which was appearances on the previous season 3 title "This Is No Picnic") when appears their food basket was left behind inside the umbrella and they arrived to locate the food basket before Spike and Tyke tries to get rid of them and moves another section to build his own the sand castle to battle against the ants before they reach to steal his basket until they wins the battle before their ants to retreat, but the big waves appears and lose the basket onto the sea when their ants was finally managed to claim the basket to sail onto the sunset for victory over the two dogs.
58a 6a "Droopyman Returns" Stewart St. John October 16, 2021
Deep in a heart of Gossip City, Droopy Man and Dripple Boy returns to the action to stop the mad scientist Dr. Reginald Riff Rat (a guest star voiced by Mark Hamill) for plans to turn the city onto the rats just like him and also tries to kidnap Cheetah Vavoom.
58b 6b "Tom Thumped" Jim Ryan October 16, 2021
The Wildmouse was escaped from the Dingo Brothers Circus coming this weekend is being informed by Jerry's watching television when the police are searching and try to arrest him for chewing up his shoes where he meets Jerry in hideout before he helps him to get some food forhite cat hungry, but is being chased by Tom to meet the white cat next door. She becomes his lover until she's more interested with a mouse like Jerry in which she often refers to "Fuzzy Wuzzy". Despite the polices' attempts to arrest the Wildmouse after the chase, he sends him out onboard the ship and waves goodbye to him. Later, Tom is so nervous when Jerry tells him his ideas to bring him to the w and then she cuddles him to get onto the limousine when he discovers she was already in love, leaving Tom's behind before he gets furious to taunts them but then the steamroller flattens over him causing all of his fur to be shaved off except on his face.
58c 6c "Droopnet" Bruce Morris October 16, 2021
In the city on Friday night, Detective cop Droopy and Rookie Dripple are searching for the notorious car thief named Scofflaw Badwrench. This episode is a parody of the 1987 American buddy cop comedy film "Dragnet".
59a 7a "Right-Brother Droopy" Bruce Morris October 23, 2021
Droopy and Dripple are the Right Brothers, and they compete with the airplane invention contest when the reporter Miss Scoops Vavoom comes by for them to be in the contest and win up to $20,000, while Flip-Flop McWolf (who's also the paperboy) are also wants to participate as well to fly against them in the contest. This episode is a parody of the "Wright Brothers".
59b 7b "Cheap Skates" Sandy Fries October 23, 2021
During a chase, the television tells Jerry can order the roller skates named Zip-Zip Roller Wheels which makes faster than the spacecraft so can be use it to mess up with him. And later, the television are also tells Tom to buy the same skates to chase around the house and the outside.
59c 7c "Hollywood Droopy" Patrick A. Ventura October 23, 2021
Out in the Hollywood, the washed-up producer and the owner of a Dilapidated Pictures Flops McWolf sees Droopy and Dripple as the stars of the new movie. They signed the contract (which was really an accident insurance policy) naming him benefactor so he can receive all the money if they have any accidents, but all the "accidents" while he tries to filming them only happens to him.
60a 8a "Fallen Archers" Sandy Fries, Don Jurwich, and Jerry Eisenberg October 30, 2021
In medieval times, Droopy and Dripple compete with the Father & Son Archery Contest against McWolf and his son Stinky, the winner of the contest will receive the romantic dinner date with the magic sand of the love angel Miss Vavoom.
60b 8b "When Knights Were Cold" TBA October 30, 2021
Since the knights are too cowardly to face the fire-breathing Wildmouse, Tom is sent by the king to deal with the fire-breathing fiend, but fails to capturing him.

Note: This episode is a guest voice by Tony Jay.

60c 8c "The Mouth Is Quicker Than the Eye" Jim Ryan October 30, 2021
Cal the Magnificent (Calaboose Cal) and the Mystery Lady (Miss Vavoom) helps her to do some more magicians to deal against the naughty boy named Bratty in his child's birthday party.

Note: This is the first Calaboose Cal's spin-off episode.

61a 9a "Mutton for Punishment" Sandy Fries November 6, 2021
In the settling of the old west, a sheepherders Droopy and Dripple protects the sheep from cattle barren Sidewinder McWolf and his henchman Cowboy Irwin with the help of these bad guys for plans to built with his own land called "Orange County".
61b 9b "Cat Counselor Cal" Jim Ryan November 6, 2021
During the chase, a cat counseling and the customs equipment Calaboose Cal shows Tom with a few modern ways on his inventions to capture Jerry but fails.
61c 9c "Termite Terminator" Jim Ryan November 6, 2021
Pest exterminator Calaboose Cal was hired by the wealthy lady to get rid of a pesky termites from destroying her house.

Note: This is the 2nd of the Calaboose Cal's spin-off episode and a similar to the 1975 The Tom and Jerry Show episode title "Termites Plus Two".

62a 10a "Bride of McWolfenstein" Jim Ryan November 13, 2021
Droopy and Dripple's car breaks down in front of a creepy castle. Inside the castle, the mad scientist McWolfenstein was creating the bride (which was similar voice by Miss Vavoom) for himself, when she spots Droopy was coming at the door, she falls madly in love to take dancing with him causing an irritated McWolfenstein to repair her body but still in love for him before she takes off with them to the Mad Scientist Land amusement park while McWolfenstein follows them in attempts to beat Droopy but fails before he feels so sad when he thinks nobody cares for him until he's wrong about them for the first time in his life when the four beautiful women likes him and carry him off. Then Dripple takes the bride off to ride the bumper cars while Droopy is waiting for them and the last word says to the audience, "Now there goes a chip off the old poodle".
62b 10b "Hillbilly Hootenanny" Bruce Morris November 13, 2021
After they are battling out by using the cannon ball to shoot around the village, Tom's hillbilly cousins was boring the game and they decides to take on the vacation to visit into his cousins house when they grabs Jerry and throws him out of the house for stealing his food before they do a lot of dirty activities such as singing and dancing, and taste the special chili pot which they insulted him and kicks him out of the house, then Jerry calls his cousin for help to take them down of the cats off-screen until they stop fighting and leaves the house before Tom and Jerry wants to following them by riding his sidecar motorcycle.
62c 10c "El Smoocho" Jim Ryan November 13, 2021
Droopy and Dripple are driving the coach in full of gold shipment with Miss Lily Vavoom to Dodge City, they come across the paths of El Smoocho (McWolf) who attempts to take her and tries to steal the gold off for himself.
63a 11a "Droopy Hockey" Patrick A. Ventura November 20, 2021
At the arena, team Droopy Dry-Icers compete against team McWolf Blasters in the ice hockey championship match with Miss Vavoom as the ice queen (which was represented by the gold trophy for the winning team) and Dripple as the ice hockey referee.
63b 11b "Hawkeye Tom" Patrick A. Ventura November 20, 2021
Both Tom and a hawkeye bird are pursuing Jerry in attempts to eat him.
63c 11c "No Tom Like the Present" Sandy Fries November 20, 2021
After a anvil drops on him, Tom turns into a angel and is sent up to heaven when his mousetrap fails and is sent to the other place for mistreating Jerry. A angel cat tells him that he's on his 8th live so the angel cat gives him only one more chance to stay alive to avoid any injuries while he tries to catch Jerry.
64a 12a "Dirty Droopy" Jim Ryan November 27, 2021
The public enemy 123456 and 7 Mangler McWolf gets Detective Dirty Droopy fired when he says to the judge that Droopy had tortured him and he's innocent, he plans to spread through the crime spree, but Detective Droopy can follow anywhere to stop him by using his teleport until McWolf was give up and goes down to prison, it turns out all of the Droopy people that had been appearing at McWolf.
64b 12b "Two Stepping Tom" Sandy Fries November 27, 2021
An elephant named Tundo (voiced by Jim Cummings) is performing on stage by Sheboygan Records, Inc. and gets frightened and jumps onto the ceiling when he spots Jerry. The next day, Tom arrives at studio manager Mr. Sheboygan's office. he is requested to get rid of Jerry and make Tundo more enjoyable to avoid Jerry from ruining his concert. While singing, he gets spoiled by Tom and Jerry's chasing when Tundo aims Jerry to land on, but Jerry escapes and causes Tundo to land on Tom several times instead. After the concert, Mr. Sheboygan gives dollar bills for Tom as a reward, but Jerry teases Tundo causing him to jump into the air and landing on Tom before Jerry steals the bills out of Tom's hand and walks out with them.

Note: Miss Vavoom also appears in this episode.

64c 12c "Disc Temper" Jim Ryan November 27, 2021
The watchdog (whose 1st appearance was from the previous first episode title "Flippin' Fido") is on the job as a guard dog duty at the beach; the lifeguard tells him to take charge to remind him there are no pets allowed onto the beach while he's going on a lunch break and has to keep Tom and Jerry off the beach during their chase, so Tom distracts the watchdog again with Frisbees.

Note: The watchdog can talk for the first time in this episode.

65a 13a "Order in Volleyball Court" Sandy Fries December 4, 2021
The volleyball championship play-offs between the challengers Droopy and Dripple against McWolf and his son Stinky, the winner of this game will receive $100,000 and get a chance to have a date with Miss Volley Vavoom.
65b 13b "King Wildmouse – 10th Wonder of the World" Bruce Morris December 4, 2021
Tom and a hunter (voiced by Jim Cummings) go to the Mouse-co Island to locate Wildmouse where the hunter is too lazy while he tries to get it himself until Wildmouse gets caught in the curiosity mousetrap, when the hunter refuses to share the credit for him, Tom frees Wildmouse from the cage and takes him back home.
65c 13c "Space Chase" Sandy Fries December 4, 2021
Tom and Jerry are selected to go into a space shuttle and test the experiment to see if they can live in peace and harmony on the outer space, but they keep fooling around. The last episode is a Series Finale of Tom and Jerry Adventures.


Special (2018) Edit

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
"Tom and Jerry Adventures: It's A Wonderful Christmas" William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone, Tom Minton, Douglas McCarthy,Chris Painter Neal Sternecky, Earl Kress, TJ House, Tim Maltby December 17, 2018 (KidsWB) MP1996-100
It's Christmas Eve, and Toodles, Spike and Tyke, and even Butch are praying to help Tom and Jerry. God is talking to Harvey, telling him about Tom and Jerry, who is considering quitting his job. He shows him a flashback from earlier that day.

In the flashback, the Tom and Jerry characters were at The Studio, filming the Christmas Special, when arrived in a wheelchair, interrupting the special. Tom and Jerry told McWolf he's late, and McWolf told him he was skiing in Aspen with Morgan Fairchild, and broke his leg. Because of his broken leg, Tom and Jerry cut him from the special. To get revenge, McWolf planned to sabotage the special