• Achievement Master: Collect all Achievements.
  • Who's The Slow one Now?: As Jerry. Use Speed Insanity On Sonic 3 Times in a Row.
  • Just Getting Started: Win a Stage.
  • Cats Will Rise Again: As Tom. Use Katattak on 6 Racers.
  • Old School is New School: As Bonanza Bros. Try To Complete A Race without Getting Hit.
  • Truly Insane: Earn all the I Ranks in each Stage.
  • Nice.:Get a Higher Rank than any racer.
  • I Created the World!:Play as all The Characters
  • VIP:Gather 1 Million Win Points and unlock The Final Racer (RedCat).
  • Beefcake Mouse: As Jerry. Unlock Monster Jerry and use it 10 Times.
  • Really Real Working man: As Ryo Hazuki. Use the Forklift Truck on 20 Racers
  • Really Really REALLY real Working man: As Ryo Hazuki. Use The Forklift Truck on 90 Racers

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