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These are the policies of Tom and Jerry Fanon Wiki. These are rules that at all times must be follow unless if stated at exceptions.

User ConductEdit

  1. All users must be kind and respectful to each other. Personal attacks, rudeness torwards others and unnecessary drama is not tolerated and will lean to the user(s)'s warning(s)'s and if not cooperating to their block(s).
  2. All users must respect other people pages by not editing them. There are the exceptions of the creator's permission to edit, the page is pubic or if the edits are minor or is adding category for organization.
    1. A breaking of this rule will result in a warning. Repeated breakings will result in a block.
    2. Vandalism is when someone ruins a page by blanking it or changes some of its content. Vandalism will result in a warning and if its committed by the same user again, it will be in a block.
  3. Don't Sockpuppet! Sockpuppetry is when you making more then one account to either vote more then once or to evade a block. If you are caught having more then one account on this wiki , your others accounts will be banned and you will be blocked or your block will be prolonged.
    1. The only time this act is okay is if the account is a bot or you state a reasonable reason for it’s existence.


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