Tom and Jerry Pokemon Show- is a american-japanese Tom and Jerry spin-off with 1996-1997 years. He ot production Warner Bros Animation and 4Kids Entertainment.

Plot Edit

Character and their voice actors Edit

  • Tom Cat (voiced by Eric Stuart)
  • Jerry Mouse (voiced by Veronica Taylor)
  • Mammy Two Shoes (voiced by Maddie Blaushtein)
  • Tuffy Nibbles Mouse (voiced by Rachael Lillis)
  • Spike Bulldog (voiced by Dan Green)
  • Toodles Galore (voiced by Tara Sands)
  • Toots (voiced by Megan Hollingshead)
  • Quacker (voiced by Wayne Grayson)
  • Butch Cat (voiced by Michael Sintenirklaas)
  • Eagle (voiced by Wayne Grayson)
  • Topsy Cat (voiced by Jamie Mcgonnigal)
  • Lightning Cat (voiced by Sam Riegel)
  • Meathead Cat (voiced by Scott Ray)
  • Tyke Bulldog (voiced by Darren Dunstan)

Episodes Edit

Production Edit

Trivia Edit

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