Playable CharactersEdit


Picture Name
Tom Cat Tom Cat
Jerry Mouse Jerry Mouse
Spike Bulldog Spike
Tyke Tyke
Butch Butch
Tuffy Tuffy
Quacker Quacker
Canary Cuckoo

Unlocked CharactersEdit

Picture Name How to Unlocked
Characters Locked Shirley the Loon Kill 30 enemies with Shirley using combos.
Characters Locked Plucky Duck Kill Aunt Figg with Jerry.
Characters Locked Robot Mouse

(Tom and Jerry Tales)

Boss Battle with Cuckoo.
Characters Locked Fifi la Fume Kill 30 Enemies with Jerry.
Characters Locked Buster Bunny Play 50 Combos when Tom attacks.
Characters Locked Robo Shirley the Loon Battle the Dragon with Sailor Toodles.
Characters Locked Fee (Harvey Beaks) Destroy Starfire with Jerry.
Characters Locked Pepe le Pew Defeat the Boss with Tom.


A * next to their stage name means unlockable.

  • Tom's House
  • Jerry's Hole
  • Spike's Dream House
  • Garden
  • Ant Alley*
  • RedCat's Town Way*
  • Tom's North Sea*
  • ACME Acres
  • ACME Loonversity
  • Cafeteria


  • Cheese
  • Mouse Trap
  • Heart
  • Bone
  • Spiky Bone
  • Hammer
  • Gun
  • Sword
  • Water Ball
  • Machine Gun
  • Shield
  • Bomb
  • Laser Gun
  • Baseball Bat
  • Arrow
  • Tiara


Single PlayerEdit

  • Classic Mode
  • Adventure Mode
  • All-Stars
  • Training Mode
  • Mini-Man (10-Man, 100-Man, Time Mode)
  • Mini-Modes (Target, Platforms)

Up to PlayersEdit

  • VS. Mode


  • Music and Sounds
  • Brightness
  • Emblem Creator
  • Cheat Codes


  • This is a parody of Super Smash Bros.