Tom and Jerry Tales Season 3 is the 3rd Season of Tom and Jerry Tales.

List of EpisodesEdit

# Title Overview
1 2 3 Puppy-Sitting Spike asks Jerry to Puppysit Tyke and gives Warning to Tom because he don't want Both of Them to have any trouble. well, Jerry tries to make Tom to get Troubled.
Hockey Battle Jerry and Tuffy invited their friends to go Figure Skating at the Backyard ice rink and Tom invited Butch, Lightning and the Others to go Play hockey. but The Mice and Cats fight each other with the Ice Rink, but they made a Deal, There having a Hockey Competition, Whatever Team (The Mice and the Cats) win will take the Ice Rink.
Trouble with Mrs. Two Shoes Tom and Jerry always make mess around.
4 5 6 Girlfriend Blues Jerry's Girlfriend has a wound, and Jerry makes a potion to Heal it! And its still unfinished, his Girlfriend drink the unfinished potion by mistake, and she gone insane and hates Jerry. Jerry made another potion to make her back to normal while Tom tries to make her stay the way she is. Good thing Jerry had a Lot of potions just in case when Tom tries to stop him.

(NOTE:Jerry's Girlfriend is the same as the one in "Flamesco Fiasco".)

Quacker's Visit TBA

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