the episodesEdit

season 1
episodes description
lesson for catching mice thomas father tom is teaching tom how to catch mice with some simple tips
prior in ocean jermiah trapped in a box and send to the,s up to thomas to save his best buddy and best enemy
fierce battle between thomas and jermiah thomas and jermiah having a great battle with a new robotic boxing gloves
arch-enimies still arch-enimes if there old or young tom is fighitng with is arch-enemy jerry again
mice of a gym jermiah,s cousin bulldor come and turn jermiah house(the hole) in to a gym
for me for you tom decided to meet his friends and his rivals
new world thomas and jermiah trapped in a ship when there are freed they saw they in a japan.
broked timeline thomas and jermiah acidentally rides on a time machine that send back them into many timelines
scardy cat tom,s cousin tim returns but still afraid of mouse
left over of nighmare

thomas and jermiah was sleeping but waked up in a nightmare

episdoes descripition
snow forgive me thomas ad jermiah again fighting in a chritmas day while butch comes to kick the mouse out of a home
golden and yellow
hybird of mutantion butch saw that tyke is making his father clone to see again but when tyke is gone butch acidentally actiated the DNA 3 the big moth wings and stuked inside of DNA 2.when tyke cames he saw that butch become mered with dad DNA and the big moths wing