A most Nightmarish game.Only for xbox360,ds and wii.also Pc


Tom,jerry,Toodles,Meathead,Lighning,Butch and Tospy admission on the school on the third day of the that day was Hallowen day.Where they go to wooden house suddenly the fire gone and all of the students disappear also The teacher Tied with wall.It revaled to be butch and he kidnnaped all of the students tom and jerry need work toggeather to defeat him

Playable CharactersEdit

The Plaer need to chosse Two characters and Press Q And W to change between them



Lighning(After Saving him)

Tospy(After Saving him)

Players powersEdit

Tom use a Lighning Sword

Jerry use a gun

Lighning use a hammer

Tospy Use Headbutt.




Pumkin with zombie body

Monster Tree


A giant pumpkin with A giant Zombie Body

Giant Monster Tree

Monster Jerry





Giant Butch(After Eating Giant Potion)


1.Trick Or Treat DisappearEdit

Tom and jerry sherching for those missing children while butch,s minnions come.Tom and jerry surviving it find a gate where They go to find The students.You need to survive 10 Waves Of enimies

2.Listen It harderEdit

Tom and jerry found the place where those Studdents are but Tom and jerry has not so much time beacuse the zombies going kill all of the students.Defeat the zombies but Protect the students too.

3.Rock Is Tough   Boss:WolfEdit

Tom and jerry found lighning while unpleseanly wolf.Tom and jerry need to beat the wolf.LIighning is unlocked.

4.Can,t Run Can,t HideEdit

Tom and jerry  founded tospy but garbage monster is following him.You cannont attack It.When it is flashing that time you can attack.Tospy is unlocked

5.Race Against the topEdit

Tom,Jerry,Lighning and Tospy find a vehicle to ride to the top of the mountain but Vampire also chashing him with his car.You need race against him

6.Battle Of Victory    Boss:VampireEdit

Tom,Jerry,Tospy,Lighning could ride to the top but vampire now wants a blood of them.Beat Vampire

7.Flood The Undead  Boss:MummyEdit

Tom,Jerry,Lightning and tospy are now stuck on a paper.It reavaled to be a mummy.If you try to attack him from the seeing sides he will covered you and that will make damage.

8.Electricness Rise  Boss:FrankenstrikeEdit

Frankenstrike sended by butch kill Tom,Jerry,Lightning and tospy.Could they survive his Electrockiness.His Electrokiness will not have in effect on Tom Beacuse He had Lighning Sword

9.Tall LeavesEdit

A Giant Monster Tree is send to destory Tom,Jerry,Lightning and Tospy.Only way to defeat him is to cut all of Leaves also he will attack with his Hand

10.Give Me Your FaceEdit

11.Swor and poisonEdit

12.Rescue ToodlesEdit

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