The baby crawls from one steel beam to another while the cat and mouse can only look on. Jerry manages to catch up, and saves the baby from crawling off a wooden plank and plummeting, by grabbing falls, but he is then caught by Tom. Tom attempts to put the baby's diaper back on, but in the impending confusion, ends up putting the diaper on himself while the baby crawls off, nonchalantly.

Tom and Jerry catch up with the baby, only to lose it again, and fearing that it has crawled into a cement mixer, the cat and mouse dive straight in, only to find that the baby never did enter the mixer but instead playing with a hammer. The baby then playfully bonks Tom on the head.

Later on, Jeannie is in panic, crying, telling a police officer that she was babysitting, took her eye off the baby for "one teensy minute", and the baby was gone. She then sees the baby saying: "There's the baby!". Tired, Tom and Jerry arrive, Jeannie grabs the baby while the two try to escape. A policeman arrests them for stealing a baby to a construction site, assuming they were babynappers. Tom and Jerry eats the can of spinach and beating Police Officer and Jeannie up and throw them to the Police Dept. car and is destroyed and Tom and Jerry are getting their stuff and furniture and moving out and go to Yogi's Ark to their new home. Yogi and his friends sends a wild bear to Jeannie and police officer and the bear chased Jeannie and Police officer. Yogi Bear and his Friends sang: "Their stronger the fin-ich cause their ate some spinach with Tom and Jerry (Toot-toot)". And Yogi's Ark are flying away.


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