• Jeannie: I just turn my back for one teensy minute. and She's oh and the baby was gone Oh please officer you must get that baby back you- There's a baby!
  • (Tom and Jerry arrive holding the baby and Jeannie grabs the Baby and Tom and Jerry are trying to escape and Police Officer grab them)
  • Police Officer: Gotcha ya Babynappers!
  • ("Popeye" theme music begins to play as Tom and Jerry eats a can of spinach Popeye style. Steam proceeds to blow out of Tom and Jerry ears. And Tom and Jerry beating Police Officer and Jeannie up and threw them to the Police Dept. Car and is destroyed and Tom and Jerry grabbing their stuff and furniture and going to Yogi's Ark.)
  • Yogi Bear: Welcome aboard, Tom and Jerry. We just send a wild bear to them.
  • Jeannie: (Groans) A Wild Bear?! What's it doing here?!
  • Wild Bear: (Roars)
  • (Jeannie and Policer Officer runned away and get chased by Bear)
  • Jeannie: Ouch! Oouch! Ouch! Oh, sorry! Oh, so sorry! oh, very, very sorry! Oh! To aplogizing on the right of dickins. Help! Get a away you, big bad old bad! Cut it out! Leave us alone! Don't you chased us? Get out of here! Go on! Help! Ohh! Get away from us! Get away! Leave us alone!
  • (At Yogi's Ark)
  • All: (Laughs)
  • Yogi Bear and his Friends: ♪Their stronger the finich cause they ate some spinach with Tom and Jerry (Toot-toot)♪. (Yogi's Ark are flying away)
  • Yogi Bear: Now that's a good ending for a cat and a mouse! (laughs)

The End

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