Who Gives a Rat's Class? is the second segment of episode eight in Tom and Jerry Works, airing on August 17, 1999 in Cartoon Network, and on The WB in May 5, 1999.


Tom finds out that Jerry goes to a school which is in his mouse hole and tells Mammy Two-Shoes. Much to her dismay, it's not just Jerry and other mice - it has rats!



Tom gestures to Mammy he found a school in Jerry's mouse hole and yelps as he finds a mouse trap, still gesturing.

Mammy: (offscreen; upon finding the school) Oh, mah days! (now onscreen) It's nout just mice een dere! Dere's rats! Oh, Thomas! Tom goes to her attention and in a manly, solider-like voice says: Yes, ma'm! Tom marches to the school. 

Mammy: Oh, dat silly ol' cat. He doesn't need to prove himself as manly to me. (banging sounds come from the off) Thomas! To prove dat yo're manly, yo must.. (she continues as the screen blacks out)


Jerry spits orange juice at Tom, then throws several rat pupils at the poor old cat: Ha, ha! (giggles as Tom hits him with a pan) 

Tom: (in a manly voice) I did it. I finally did it! Oh, Mammy Two-Shoes! Come here!

Mammy comes to Tom, and both celebrate.

Mammy: (singing) Oh, yo silly ol' cat! You finally got 'im! Slip me soume skin! (stops singing) Well, I-ow guess I-ow doun't nee-ow-d ya now-ou. (Mammy kicks Thomas out)

Jerry, offscreen, makes a banging noise and Mammy, offscreen, yells: Thomas!