Yomi and Kiri is a game made in 2001 for the GameCube and Game Boy Advance.


Yomi is a teenage cat who loves his sister Jailiyl, and his 2 friends Patch and Butch. He always has a hating from Kiri, who loves his nephew Gibbles.


Diary of YomiEdit

I am a green teenage cat from Japan. I always love Jailiyl, Patch and Butch, from when I came to the USA. Kiri is my rival. Killar, whom I always hate has claws that cause an injury.


He's a bad dog. I wish he had died. He is a bomber dog that has sting bombs. They give me blood.


I hate him so much that I squeeze him. He loves his nephew Gibbles.

Diary of KillarEdit


Diary of KiriEdit

i love gibbles and i hate my rival yomi i always give milk to gibbles when he was young and i love him i also hate killar patch butch and jailiyl



  • Yomi
  • Jailiyl


  • Patch
  • Butch
  • Killar

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